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Discover plants for small spaces and choose the right plants for your home.Take this quiz and test your knowledge of plants for small spaces.

The weeping Norway spruce is famous for growing outward instead of upward. How wide can the weeping Norway spruce grow?

The weeping Norway spruce can grow 10 to 15 feet wide, but only one to three feet tall.


Why is the weeping Norway spruce a low maintenance plant?

The weeping Norway spruce needs only light watering and an occasional trim.


Why will planting a Japanese maple add drama to your outdoor space?

Japanese maples are known for their beautiful dramatic coloring. Their colors ranges from bright red-purple to deep green.


The Japanese maple has shallow roots which grow out horizontally. What type of hole should you dig for it?

When planting a Japanese maple, you should dig a hole wider than it is deep.


If you have a small garden and love conifer trees, you may want to consider what plant for your garden?

Dwarf conifers are miniature replicas of full sized conifers and thrive in small gardens.


What may happen if you move a braided focus tree to a new location?

The braided ficus trees may drops its leaves after being moved to a new location.


The braided ficus is known as an indoor plant, but can be used outside in what type of climate?

A braided ficus may be moved outside in temperate climates during the warm months.


The braided ficus is part tree and part ________ , making it possible to braid its branches.

The braided ficus is part tree and part vine. The braiding may be done at the greenhouse or by the homeowner.


Why are Chinese evergreens a good choice for an indoor corner of your home?

Chinese evergreens thrive in low light. They also require minimal maintenance.


Chinese evergreens come in beautiful shades of green and:

Chinese evergreens are available in beautiful varieties of green and white. Their beauty can enhance your home's décor.


During Victorian times, which families had orchids in their homes?

Only royalty and aristocrats could afford orchids during Victorian times.


How may species of orchids are there to choose from?

There are 30,000 species of Orchids to chose from. There is an orchid species to complement most any home's décor.


What sun exposure is best for orchids?

Before you buy an orchid, find out the sun exposure that is best for the variety you have selected. Different orchid varieties thrive with different sun exposures.


How long can the ponytail palm store water in its trunk?

The ponytail palm can store water in its trunk for up to one year. This palm would be a great choice for someone who travels frequently.


What should you do if your ponytail palm's leaves turn brown?

Give your ponytail palm a little trim to keep it looking healthy and beautiful.


Why is the bathroom a good location for ferns?

Ferns thrive in humid environments, making the bathroom a perfect location.


Why do fern fronds turn yellow?

Too much water will cause fern fronds to turn yellow.


To get your amaryllis to bloom again next year, what should you do?

After your amaryllis blooms, store the bulb in a cold dark place and plant again the next fall.


What causes the leaves of African violets to develop spots?

If you get water on the leaves of your African violet it may leave spots.


What is special about the leaves of an African violet?

The leaves of an African violet feel furry and the blooms feel velvety.


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