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Forget the American frontier — many of the most beloved Western films hail from Europe, where Italian filmmakers created outlaws John Wayne could only dream of. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this classic genre.

What actor plays the "Man With No Name" in the "Dollars" trilogy?

Clint Eastwood stars as Joe, the Stranger or simply the "Man With No Name" in the legendary Sergio Leone trilogy.


What is the third and final film in Leone's "Dollars" trilogy?

Leone wrapped up the film series with "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," which is still recognized as one of the most famous Spaghetti Westerns.


What year did "A Fistful of Dollars" premiere?

"A Fistful of Dollars" hit Italian theaters in 1964 but didn't make it to the U.S. until three year later.


Where does "A Fistful of Dollars" take place?

The film focuses on a feud between the Rojo brothers and supporters of John Baxter in the border town of San Miguel, Mexico.


What is the nickname of Eastwood's character in "For a Few Dollars More"?

Eastwood's character is such a sharpshooter that he picks up the nickname Monco, meaning "one-handed."


Which of these titles does Eastwood's character take in "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"?

Eastwood plays Blondie (the Good), a treasure hunter at odds with Angel Eyes and Tuco (the Bad and the Ugly).


What year did "Once Upon a Time in the West" hit theaters?

The epic Spaghetti Western premiered in Europe in 1968 and made it to U.S. theaters the next year.


Who plays Frank in "Once Upon a Time in the West"?

Henry Fonda stars as Frank, a murderous henchman who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.


Who is the gang leader in "The Great Silence"?

Loco leads a bounty-hunting gang in the 1968 film.


How did Silence lose his voice in "The Great Silence"?

The young Silence loses his voice after his throat is slit as a child. He survives the attack and spends his life seeking revenge.


Who takes a job as a rodeo clown in "The Mercenary"?

Mexican revolutionary Paco lies low as a rodeo clown in the 1968 flick.


Who directed "Django"?

Franco Nero stars as Django in the ultraviolent 1966 Sergio Corbucci film.


What does Django use to transport his possessions?

Django famously drags a coffin around with him to transport everything from weapons to riches.


What actor stars as Jonathan Corbett in "The Big Gundown"?

Lee Van Cleef plays bounty hunter Jonathan Corbett in "The Big Gundown."


Who manages to outwit Corbett throughout "The Big Gundown"?

Corbett tries to take down Cuchillo, a rapist and murderer, but the bad guy finds ways to outwit the bounty hunter at every turn.


Who makes revenge his life's mission in "Death Rides a Horse"?

Bill dedicates his life to seeking revenge against the five outlaws who killed his family in the 1967 film.


Who plays Bill in "Death Rides a Horse"?

John Phillip Law plays Bill, while Lee Van Cleef plays Ryan, a man seeking vengeance against the same group of outlaws that Bill is trying to take down.


What unlikely profession is Fletcher involved in at the start of "Face to Face"?

Fletcher is a professor who ends up teaming up with outlaw Beau Bennet in the 1967 film "Face to Face."


What war takes place around the time "Face to Face" is set?

The Civil War-era film features the exploits of Bennet's Raiders and includes an appearance by the legendary Pinkerton Detective Agency.


Who directed "Companeros"?

Sergio Corbucci, known for "Django" and "The Great Silence," was the man behind the camera in the 1970 film "Companeros."


What year was "Duck, You Sucker" released?

"Duck, You Sucker" came out towards the end of the Spaghetti Western era in 1971 and told the tale of outlaw Juan Miranda during the Mexican Revolution.


What is the name of the murderous bandit who holds up a train in "A Bullet for the General"?

El Chuncho Munoz is a gunrunner and bandit who holds up a train, then an entire town, in the 1966 film.


Whose gun does Scott use to kill Frank Talby in "Day of Anger"?

The young Scott gets his hands on Doc Holliday's gun and uses it to take down Frank Talby.


Who is the dangerous raider in "Keoma"?

Former soldier Keoma returns to his homestead only to find it taken over by a raider named Caldwell in the 1976 Enzo Castellari flick.


What is the name of Robert Hossein's character in "Cemetery Without Crosses"?

Robert Hossein directed the film and played main character Manuel in the 1969 Spaghetti Western.


Who plays Jack Beauregard in "My Name is Nobody"?

Fonda plays Jack Beauregard, a gunslinger looking to retire to Europe who is unwittingly caught up in a battle with a sharpshooter named "Nobody."


Who plays Ringo in the 1965 film "The Return of Ringo"?

Giuliano Gemma plays Ringo, a former soldier who returns home to find that his home and fiancee have been taken over by bandits.


Who directed "The Dirty Outlaws"?

Franco Rossetti, who wrote many of the most beloved Spaghetti Westerns, directed the 1967 film "The Dirty Outlaws."


Who plays Col. Cascorro in "Tepepa"?

Orson Welles stars as Chief of Police Col. Cascorro in the 1969 film about a Mexican guerilla leader named Tepepa.


Who plays the title role in "Navajo Joe"?

Burt Reynolds plays Navajo Joe, a man seeking revenge after he is the lone survivor of an attack on his village.


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