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If you've ever eaten food, then there's a chance you might have tried Spam. We're not talking about the e-mail version. We're talking canned meat. Take our Spam quiz to see where you rate on canned pork knowledge.

What is the distinctive shape of a can of Spam?

If you've ever been inside a grocery store, then you should know that a can of Spam is rectangular.


What kind of meat makes up Spam?

No, Spam is not a "mystery meat." It's made up of pork shoulder and ham, which comes from the pig's hind legs.


True or false: Salt, sugar and water are the only non-meat ingredients in a can of Spam.

In addition to these ingredients, a chemical preservative called sodium nitrite is used. Why? To prevent botulism.


In the United States, Spam is produced at facilities in Minnesota and what other state?

You'll have to stay in the Midwest for Spam production -- Nebraska, specifically.


How many workers does it take to run a Spam factory?

Because it's so highly automated, a Spam factory only takes 13 people to operate.


Spam is cooked in the can, so you can enjoy it straight from its container. How many cans of Spam are cooked at a time?

At nearly six stories high, the Spam factory cooker can handle 66,000 cans per batch.


True or false: The Spam museum is located in Minneapolis, Minn.

Not so! The Spam museum is located in lovely Austin, Minn. -- all 16,500 square feet (1,532 square meters) of it.


How many grams of fat are in a single can of Spam?

Sixteen grams of fat per serving at six servings equals a whopping 96 grams of fat in a single can.


What percentage of your daily recommended intake of sodium is contained in a single can of Spam?

There's a lot of salt in a can of Spam -- specifically, 198 percent of your daily recommended intake.


A University of Hawaii study found that eating large amounts of processed meat could lead to what?

Although no definitive link has been proven, the study indicates that eating lots of processed meat could lead to pancreatic cancer.


What business was Hormel in before it invented Spam?

Hormel was a fresh-meat-only business before it invented Spam to better compete.


What was Spam originally made of?

Ham came along later, and pork butt was never a part of the recipe. At first, it was only pork shoulder.


Who coined the name Spam?

Stage actor Kenneth Daigneau famously named Spam in a contest at a New Year's Eve party.


What was the prize for the Spam-naming contest that was won by actor Kenneth Daigneau?

Name an iconic potted meat product and you get 100 bucks, apparently. Daigneau was even paid in cash.


What cemented Spam as a popular product in the United States?

Spam had been around since 1937, but after it was shipped overseas for soldiers in WWII, it was locked in as a popular food product.


What popular sketch comedy group has a famous skit about Spam?

On Monty Python's Flying Circus, the boys from Britain performed a famous Spam sketch that featured Vikings!


What big change did the Spam packaging undergo in 1997?

Until 1997, the Spam label was lithographed directly onto the can. From that point forward, the label was wrapped around the can.


In which state do people consume the most Spam?

By a long shot, Hawaiians eat more Spam than people in any other state. In fact, they consume 3 pounds (1.3 kilograms) per year, per person.


What Muppet movie was at the basis of a lawsuit from Hormel in 1995?

The Hormel company unsuccessfully sued the makers of "Muppet Treasure Island" over a warthog character named Spa'am.


True or false: Spam is delicious.

It's all a matter of taste, but the author of this quiz thinks Spam has a unique and appealing flavor that should be enjoyed once every decade.


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