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Ah, the famous Spanish-American War! Where ... that one side ... fought for that one cause. Learn a thing or two about this brief period of American history or brag to your friends about how you charged the hill and took this quiz without a fight.

What were the two sides in the Spanish-American War?

Hey, it doesn't hurt to start with the basics.


When did the Spanish-American War begin?

Right before the turn of the century, the Spanish American-War began.


What country was trying to become independent from Spain, which prompted the Spanish-American conflict?

Cuba had begun fomenting rebellion, and Spain was not having it.


Shortly before the war, the United States sent what to Havana partly as a gesture of diplomacy?

Because there were riots in Cuba, the U.S. ship was in some ways a way to stand with Spain.


The battleship was called:

The Maine became an important instigator in the war.


Before the start of the war, popular opinion in the U.S. was on the side of:

Many people in the United States were quite disturbed by the Spanish treatment of the Cubans.


What was the name given to the sensational, shocking news stories that stirred up anti-Spanish sentiment in the 1890s?

William Randolph Hearst and the New York papers were dedicated to describing -- and occasionally hyperbolizing -- the Spanish occupation.


What happened to the USS Maine?

In February 1898, the Maine blew up in Havana harbor.


Who was responsible for the Maine's explosion?

It's still not clear what happened to the Maine.


How many people died on the ship?

260 seamen died from the explosion and subsequent sinking.


The sinking of the Maine became a rallying point for:

The tragedy of the Maine caused a sensation in the media, and made the American public quite keen to intervene on Cuba's behalf.


Spain was giving Cuba limited powers of self government when the U.S. Congress did what?

In April 1898, Congress sided hard with Cuba.


Who declared war first?

After the Congressional resolutions, Spain declared war on April 24.


The U.S. declared war back on what date?

So the U.S. said "war right back at ya" to Spain the next day … but made the declaration retroactive to the 21st.


While the issue at hand was Cuba, where was the first engagement of the Spanish-American war fought?

Remember that the Philippines was controlled by Spain, so the Battle of Manila Bay was the first battle of the war.


How did the Battle of Manila Bay go for the U.S.?

The Spanish squadron that protected Manila Bay was destroyed in mere hours, and the United States didn't have a single mortal casualty.


Spain was:

We'll get into some examples, but needless to say Spain wasn't really giving its all to the cause.


The Spanish admiral in charge of the fleet heading to Cuba warned Spanish officials:

Those are two things you really need when in a naval battle, after all.


When the ships got to Santiago, they were met by:

Things really weren't going well for Spain.


The Rough Riders were what kind of military volunteers?

Which makes sense, what with the 'riding' part and all.


What famous American was a Rough Rider in the Spanish-American War?

Teddy was second-in-charge of the rough and tumble regiment.


The Rough Riders charged up:

While some units charged San Juan Hill, the Rough Riders attacked nearby Kettle Hill in the larger Battle of San Juan Hill.


What other troops were fighting just as ferociously alongside the heralded Rough Riders?

The African American regiments were not hailed as heroically but were a major part of the Spanish American service.


The Spanish fleet attempted to leave Santiago Harbor on July 3. How long before Santiago was surrendered to U.S. troops?

This whole war thing was really not working out for Spain.


The Treaty of Paris was signed:

While the war had been effectively over for months, there had been much to negotiate.


In the Treaty of Paris, Spain:

When the debt is $400 million, that's no small potatoes.


What else did the United States get in the Treaty of Paris?

Yes, it is a little disturbing that everyone was just dealing countries like cards.


The United States also assumed control of the Philippines. How did that go over?

Even the Senate barely voted for the treaty, and the Filipinos had already begun hostile actions against the U.S. forces.


All in all, the Spanish-American War was over in:

from declaration of war to ratified treaty, it was only about nine months.


What was the leading cause of death for U.S. soldiers during the Spanish-American War?

While roughly 350 soldiers were killed in combat, 2,500 died from disease.


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