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As a revolution gripped the country, Spanish citizens took up arms against one another and mercilessly slaughtered their neighbors. How much do you know about the Spanish Civil War?

The Spanish Civil War pitted the Republicans against which group?

A military revolt started the war, which quickly escalated.


Which side was assisted by Nazi Germany?

The Nationalists had a fascist streak that endeared them to the Nazis.


In what year did the Spanish Civil War begin?

And it dragged on until 1939.


Which side was made up of mostly Roman Catholics?

They were dead-set against social reforms and many had prominent roles in society.


About how many foreign volunteers fought with the Republicans?

It included men from all over the world who had Communist leanings.


How did the United Kingdom react to the outbreak of the war?

The U.K.'s official policy was just to try and stay out of the messy affair.


Which side mounted a vicious repression of anyone who didn't agree with their ideology?

Both sides dehumanized political opponents and savagely tortured and killed them.


How did Franco take control of the Nationalists?

Two months into the conflict, he was elected and then never relinquished his leadership.


Which country was the first to publicly announce its support for the Republicans?

Mexico refused to commit to non-intervention agreements and very much wanted the Republicans to win.


The Republican side was mostly made up of what?

The war essentially pitted workers against the privileged, but there were plenty of other political nuances at work, too.


During the war, nearly 7,000 Catholic clergy were killed in violence nicknamed what?

The leftists killed tens of thousands of people, including many religious leaders; the church had sided against leftist reforms.


In total, about how many people died during the war?

Another half a million people fled the country in a desperate bid to survive.


In the early stages of the war, what caused most deaths?

Politically-motivated executions (without trial) killed untold thousands of people.


Which country did NOT support the Nationalists during the war?

The Communists did side with the Republicans, though.


Historians often note the war for which extraordinary characteristic?

Ordinary humans treated each other like animals, leading to mind-numbing brutality.


How did the Republicans convince the USSR to help them fight the Nationalists?

Spain sent off most of its gold reserve to Moscow in exchange for military help.


At the beginning of the military coup, which major city did the Nationalist rebels capture?

The city provided Franco a way to move his troops in from northern Africa.


After the war, what sort of government was Spain left with?

Franco seized control of the country and didn't let go.


How many nations promised not to intervene in the war?

Only Mexico and the USSR publicly supported the Republican side; Germany and Italy were prominent supports of the Nationalists.


After the war ended, for how long did Francisco Franco rule Spain?

He ruled with force, killing hundreds of thousands of Spanish citizens.


Why did both sides seek out foreign military aid?

They realized early on that they needed more military might to fight for victory.


As the war settled in, the Nationalists basically adopted a policy based on what?

They employed horrific violence as a means to their ends.


About how many French men fought in the International Brigades?

But France didn't support the Republicans, publicly out of fear that it might spark a revolt on French soil.


During the war, a town named Guernica became famous for what?

In a time when air power was relatively new, the bombing was considered an outrage; it inspired one of Pablo Picasso's most famous paintings.


How many people died in the bombing of Guernica?

High estimates were at more than 1,600, and lows were at just more than 100; either way, it allowed the Nationalists to take over the town.


How long did Nationalist forces lay siege to Madrid?

Franco attacked the city multiple times and, to his frustration, failed.


Why did Italy's Mussolini decide to join the Nationalists in the war?

Hitler convinced him that it was a good idea; about 50,000 Italians fought at one point or another.


After the war, about how many people died as Franco exacted revenge against his political opponents?

At minimum, 30,000 people were executed, but the number may have reached six figures.


What opportunity did Hitler see by sending forces to the war?

He was consciously practicing for the next big event … World War II.


How did Franco reward Hitler's help when World War II began?

Spain, battered by its internal conflict, never officially joined the Germans in their fight.


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