Quiz: The Ultimate Spray Hose Repair Quiz
The Ultimate Spray Hose Repair Quiz
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Although the thought of fixing your own plumbing may be a little scary, with the right information and relevant tools, many home-plumbing problems can be fixed without calling in a professional. Take this quiz and see how easy some of these repairs are.

Since the spray head body and lever are a sealed unit, you cannot disassemble it but must replace the entire unit.

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If the shutoff valves are closed, which water supply, the cold or the hot, will continue to flow in the spray hose?

Neither, the shutoff valves control the flow of water to both the faucet and spray hose

The aerator spreads the stream of water into many little droplets, helping to save water and reduce splashing.

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What is one of the common signs indicating that the an aerator needs to be replaced?

Usually you will notice either an uncommonly reduced water flow or water squirting in different directions

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What is one of the likely causes of a clogged aerator?

Over time, the aerator often gets clogged with sediments and mineral deposits.

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Is there anything readily available that can be used to clean mineral deposits on an aerator?

Regular household vinegar, which is a diluted acid, can be effective in cleaning mineral deposits on the perforated disk.

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If you find water dripping off the flexible hose under the sink, what should you check?

This is an indication of a leak in the hose or one of the connections.

You should be able to see a leak by examining the hose inch by inch under a bright light, while water is flowing.

It is if you want water to flow from both the faucet and the spray hose.

The best way is probably to use a stiff wire to dislodge any impediments.

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