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Break out your board shorts (and/or beer goggles): It’s time for a spring break quiz! If you can’t make it to the sunny beaches of Florida, this party puzzler will help you relive your memories and instruct you in a few factoids you may have missed.

Which ancient civilization began the bacchanal now known as spring break?

Leave it to the Greeks to launch a party tradition celebrating the arrival of Spring. In Greek and Roman times, citizens cheered the new season by celebrating youth, fertility and awakening. Their parties often honored Dionysus or Bacchus -- the Greek and Roman gods of wine.


What religious holiday often falls during spring break?

Spring breaks can start as early as February and end as late as April, but the vacation time for students typically only lasts a week. Spring break often ends near the Easter or Passover holiday.


What is the name of the famous swimming pool that was home to the first spring break shindig?

The Casino Pool was the original spot for spring break swimmers. The city of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. built this Olympic-sized beauty in 1928, and it became a popular spot for kids from northern colleges who were vacationing with their parents in Florida.


What year did spring break officially occur in Fort Lauderdale?

Spring break as we know it got its notable beginning in 1936. That spring, a swim coach from Colgate University took his team on a trip to Fort Lauderdale’s first Olympic-sized pool to get them back in shape after their Christmas break.


How long did it take for the spring break tradition to catch on?

By 1938, the city of Fort Lauderdale had seized a great marketing opportunity and started hosting the College Swim Coaches’ Forum in the spring. Over 300 swimmers competed in the event, and the first poolside spring break party was born.


What spring break-themed movie kicked the annual celebration into high gear in 1960?

“Where the Boys Are” ushered in the 1960s spring break craze with a hip little flick about four Midwestern girls traveling to Fort Lauderdale for spring vacation because “that’s where the boys are.” The film was shot on location in Fort Lauderdale and premiered at the Gateway Theater on Dec. 21, 1960. In the spring of 1961, over 50,000 college students flocked to Fort Lauderdale to find their own romance under the sun.


In the 1980s, Fort Lauderdale earned which nickname?

By 1985, there were nearly 370,000 spring breakers visiting this heathen haven for a week of drinking, dating and debauchery. The usually quaint beach town was fondly called Fort Liquordale by its springtime fans.


What do you call the practice of climbing from balcony to balcony trying to find the hotel room with the best party?

Balcony Diving was a popular activity for spring breakers looking for a fresh keg or a place to crash. It was dangerous, but the real challenge was finding your way back to your own balcony at the end of the night.


Who starred in the 1983 film “Spring Break”?

Small-time actors David Knell and Perry Lang starred in the big-time spring break hit aptly named “Spring Break.” This movie was an update to the “Where the Boys Are” tale and captured the essence of spring break in Fort Lauderdale in the 1980s. The story focuses on two guys who roll into town and can’t find a place to stay. They shack up with a couple of troublemakers and the fun ensues. Little did they know that the overcrowded hotels and raucous parties their film featured would foreshadow a future where college students were no longer welcome in Fort Lauderdale.


When Fort Lauderdale started cracking down on underage drinking in the late 1980s, which town did spring breakers move the party to?

Fort Lauderdale made it clear that the college crowd was no longer welcome, so students moved north to a beach that was cheaper and more permissive -- Daytona Beach.


When did MTV televise its first “Spring Break” special from Daytona Beach?

As the 1980s wore on, spring break started to center around more organized parties and events. MTV capitalized on this trend by hosting a spring break special that broadcast live from the beach, as well as from nightclubs and concerts. Now kids across the country could experience Daytona Beach and the daily suntan report without leaving their couch.


Fact or Fiction: “Girls Gone Wild” is the name of both an adult series of co-ed capers and a 1929 movie about a girl who's mad at her boyfriend.

It’s a fact! Who knew that girls were going wild before Joe Francis started his GWG productions in 1997. The 1929 movie was about a girl who got mad at her beau’s dad and decided to dump her guy. When she got caught up with a no-good bootlegger, her ex saved the day. Francis’ “Girls Gone Wild” gals were up to no good, either -- but that’s a different story.


Daytona Beach finally got fed up with spring breakers, and the 1990s rang in a new party town. Which one?

It seems like every decade has brought a new spring break locale into the spotlight, and Panama City was next in line. Panama City Beach, or PCB to the locals, eclipsed Daytona and became the newest place to party. At the same time, college students were branching out to other sunny spots like Palm Springs, Calif., and Cancun, Mexico.


What's the most popular spring break destination in Texas?

Texas has a lot of fun swimming holes to spend spring break in, but South Padre Island is by far the most popular place for a Texas-sized spring break.


What happens on an “alternative spring break”?

Alternative spring breaks are all the rage these days. Instead of vague memories of a hedonistic playground like PCB, students sign on for a week of volunteer work with agencies like the United Way. Now that’s a spring break you can feel good about!


On average, how much do spring breakers spend in the Southeastern U.S.?

Yearly spring break spending in Florida and Texas adds up to nearly 1 billion dollars, and most students spend around $1100 during the week of spring break.


Which “American Idol” contestant starred in a spring break movie?

Kelly Clarkson hit the big screen in “From Justin to Kelly,” starring alongside “American Idol” runner-up Justin Guarini. Though the two meet during spring break, Kelly’s singing career lasts longer than a springtime fling.


Who stated that “spring break is no longer an innocent respite from the rigors of college academics; it’s potentially life threatening”?

The American Medical Association made this claim in 2002. Since the 1980s, the AMA has been warning students of the dangers of spring break, which include binge drinking, unprotected sex and sunburn.


How many alcoholic drinks per day do spring breakers typically consume?

Students on spring break consume an average of 10 alcoholic drinks per day -- a huge increase from their normal average of 6 per week. According to “Dietary Guidelines for Americans,” moderate drinking means no more than 1 drink per day for women and 2 drinks per day for men. Maybe the AMA does have a reason to be worried.


What faux pas does Homer Simpson make when he takes his family on vacation to Florida during spring break?

In the episode “Kill the Alligator and Run,” Homer takes a wild ride on a airboat and kills the county’s beloved mascot -- an alligator named Captain Jack. It turns out that the gator was only temporarily knocked out, but the Simpsons are banned from returning to Florida ever again. I guess we won’t be seeing Bart and Lisa on MTV’s “Spring Break,” even if they ever do age past elementary school.


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