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Before you get all gung-ho about cleaning your home from top to bottom, take our quiz to find out if you’re really ready to grab that mop and broom.

If you get the urge to spring clean, the best way to go is to just dive right in.

Without a plan, you might feel overwhelmed and discouraged. You might also miss something important. So take the time to make a plan.


Spring cleaning is also a great time to read back through your old Christmas and birthday cards.

When cleaning out the clutter, it's tempting to closely examine your keepsakes. But other than determining whether they should truly be kept, save the reading for later.


If you take the time to go through your unwanted things, you can make some money off those knicknacks that you’re sick of dusting.

Possibly. If you think that your collectible might actually be worth something, you may need to get an outside opinion before putting it on eBay.


You probably have everything you need already to start your spring cleaning project.

Not necessarily. If you’re going to clean something special like silverware, you may not have that type of cleaner under your sink. Check your cleaning supplies first.


Using Freecycle.com to rehome some of your items before cleaning can be a challenge.

This is probably the easiest and laziest way to get rid of stuff. Just send an e-mail, choose a taker and give directions to your house.


It’s possible to get your house clean without using those classic cleaners like bleach or ammonia.

Lots of people do their spring cleaning with green products or even household items like vinegar and baking soda.


When you’re spring cleaning, you’re probably going to be on your own, so lower your standards.

Kids as young as toddlers can help with cleaning, and you can also swap work with friends or relatives.


To get started, just scrub the nearest object until it looks shiny enough to you before moving on.

Having a strategy -- like cleaning each room from top to bottom -- can really help you see your progress quickly.


If you can’t do a really deep, intense spring clean, you can simply focus on high-traffic areas and use shortcuts instead.

There’s no reason to abandon the idea altogether when you’re pressed for time. Just focus on the most important areas.


You can start your spring cleaning anytime. Don’t feel any pressure to get it finished before summer starts.

Well, sort of. You shouldn’t feel pressure, but if you wait until it’s time to go swimming, you probably won't get everything finished.


Since cosmetics don’t have any expiration dates, you can keep using that old mascara until it runs dry.

It’s not food so an expiration date isn’t required, but make-up and other stuff in your medicine cabinet still needs to get purged on occasion.


Spring cleaning can mean lots of different things, not just cleaning the inside of your house.

Sometimes it means doing yardwork, fixing up your finances, working on your health routine or even some spiritual cleansing.


The best time to get your air conditioner serviced is during your spring cleaning ritual.

You don’t want to find out that something’s wrong with the AC when you first go to turn it on because you’re sweating.


Winter, not spring, is when you should worry about fixing your roof or sealing leaks in your house.

Your roof might’ve taken a beating during winter storms, and you wouldn’t want your air conditioning to leak outdoors, so get those checked out in the spring.


The Chinese New Year coincides with the Western, or Gregorian, calendar, and has nothing to do with spring cleaning.

While it takes place in February, Chinese New Year marks the end of winter in China and incorporates plenty of cleaning rituals.


Spring cleaning for people who celebrate Nowruz may include redecorating or even remodeling their houses.

Iranians and other Middle Easterners often go beyond just cleaning their homes when celebrating this combination of new year and spring.


Sometimes deep cleaning rituals take place during other parts of the year, depending on the weather and the location.

Spring isn’t in March for everybody. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, your segue into warm weather might start in September.


All religions incorporate some kind of cleaning along with spring celebrations.

Many religions do include cleaning as part of purification rituals during spring festivals, but not all of them limit it to springtime or even celebrate spring holidays.


Hindus celebrate the birth of their main god, Vishnu, in the spring with a thorough house cleaning.

The holiday Rama Navami does include house cleaning as well as bodily and spiritual cleansing, but it celebrates the salvation of Vishnu’s seventh incarnation.


If you have the time now to do something you’d normally relegate to “spring cleaning”, do it and don’t worry about your list.

Spring cleaning is about doing what works best for your family and your home, so make spring cleaning your own.


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