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The trees are blossoming, the flowers are in bloom and your garage looks like a dusty junkyard. It's time to spruce it up from A to Z. It's not as hard as you might think, as you'll see when you take this quiz.

Why does the garage often become so cluttered and messy?

We often use the garage as an extra storage room or the place where you stash something you won't need for a while (or may never need again).


Why is springtime the ultimate time of the year to tidy up your garage?

Springtime is the time of rebirth, renewal and regeneration. What better time to spruce up and rejuvenate your garage than the spring?


How can you group things together in your garage?

Try categorizing. Group together, say, all sports equipment or all summer stuff.


What material is useful as storage bin material?

The best and most useful storage bin material is plastic. Plastic storage bins are relatively inexpensive, protective against moisture and bugs and designed to stack well.


If you stack storage bins on top of one another, you:

You end up maximizing the available floor space by clearing out what you can.


What depth of shelves should you put up in the garage to spruce it up?

The best are deep ones that are 18 to 24 inches (45 to 60 cms) deep.


Instead of mounting rows and rows of shelves in your garage, what's a good solution?

Try vertical cabinets, preferably with doors. That way, the stored items will remain dust-free and neat-looking, too.


What are the advantages of using locker-style cabinets for garage storage?

Locker-style cabinets are widely sold and they also don't cost too much.


What is a neat way to store your bicycle in the garage?

You can hang it up. Just install large, screw-in hooks into the wall and hang your bike on them.


How can you spring-clean your garage floor?

Get a good straw broom and sweep it out. And if you can, hose it down.


The hammock pillows you store in your garage smell of mold. What can you do about it?

Put them into your washing machine and wash them on a hot cycle. The mold smell should go away.


The garage windows and surfaces need cleaning but you are loathe to use harsh, expensive chemicals. Are there any options?

Take regular vinegar from your pantry, mix it with water and presto! It cleans beautifully.


During spring-cleaning, what can you do to refresh your lawnmower?

Once your lawnmower has come out of its winter hibernation, you'll need to dust it off and prepare it again for use. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.


After weeks of waiting for clement weather, you are ready to plant the bulbs that have been sitting in newspaper in the garage. What's the first step?

First and foremost, check that the bulbs are okay wrapped up in there and that there is no mold. If all's good, then go ahead and plant them.


Where should you put your gardening tools when you spruce up the garage?

Don't put them outside or way at the back of the garage where you'll never reach them. Instead, bring them to the front so that they're easily accessible.


It's time to take your bicycle off its wall mount so that you can go riding again in the spring sunshine. Before you ride, you should:

Dust it off and inflate the tires. This will rejuvenate the bicycle and make it ready for use.


Why do you need to inflate bicycle tires, soccer balls and pool floats after they've been lying dormant?

Usually, these things lose a little air when they're lying around unused.


Your grill has been sitting in the garage since last summer. How can you spruce it up?

Scrub it. Rub-a-dub-dub!


Where should you put hazardous materials?

Keep on the safe side and put them as high as your ladder allows. If they're too accessible to you, they'll be accessible to your children, too.


How do you keep children away from your tools and sharp objects in the garage?

Teach your children their parameters in the garage. Some things, like outdoor toys, they can touch, while other things are absolutely off-limits.


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