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You don't need bullets or pellets when you use a spud gun. Mostly, you need … spuds! That's the good news. The bad news is that these devices can be dangerous unless you take proper safety precautions. See what you know about spud guns by taking this quiz.

How fast can a spud gun hurl a projectile?

A good spud gun can hurl it at up to 400 miles (643 km) an hour.


What sort of objects can a spud gun fire?

It can fire potatoes (spuds) and tennis balls, as well as other common objects.


The owner of the Spudgun Technology Center suggests using any projectile as long as it:

STC's owner, by the name of Joel Suprise, says that anything is a worthy projectile as long as it fits the barrel size.


One type of spud gun is "combustive." What is the other main type of spud gun?

It's called "pneumatic."


What material do they usually make spud guns out of?

They're usually made out of PVC piping, although some are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) or aluminum.


Which of these are main components of a spud gun?

Spud guns usually have three main components, two of which are a barrel and a chamber. The third is a firing mechanism.


What does the sharpened part of the barrel do?

The sharpened part, like a barrel knife, shaves off any excess potato while you load it.


In a combustive spud gun, what happens when the flammable vapor is ignited?

Upon ignition, there is an explosion which creates hot gas under pressure. This forces the projectile out through the barrel.


Unlike the combustive variety that uses flammable vapor, what does the pneumatic spud gun use to create high pressure?

The pneumatic spud gun uses compressed air to generate high pressure.


Regarding a spud gun, what is meant by breech loading?

Breech loading means loading the potato inside through an opening near the chamber (unlike the usual method of forcing the potato down the barrel using a rod).


How is the spud gun ignited?

The spud gun has two metal points inside the chamber, which function like a spark plug in a car to cause ignition.


Why do some spud gun enthusiasts use propane to power it?

They use propane from a standard tank in order to inject a precise amount of fuel into the chamber.


Why do some spud guns ignite in two places?

Some spud guns are designed with dual ignition, essentially creating more "bang" for the same price.


Which gun has a larger chamber?

A pneumatic spud gun usually has a larger chamber than a combustive one.


As the pressure builds inside a pneumatic gun, what keeps the air inside the chamber?

A special valve keeps the air inside, until someone opens it. Then air rushes in with a bang and the potato is forced out.


What gun modification works to stabilize the projectile and put a spin on it?

A rifled barrel seems to work. It gives a spin to the projectile, stabilizing it and hurling it further and with greater accuracy.


Using a glorified spud gun, what was created specially for the United States Department of Agriculture?

A specially-designed tornado simulator was made for the Department of Agriculture. This was done in order to lead to better building techniques.


At the annual Punkin Chunkin event, what is used as a projectile?

Pumpkin is the projectile-du-jour at the Punkin Chunkin championship.


For safety reasons, which of these should never be used in a spud gun?

Gasoline and oxygen are pretty dangerous in a spud gun. They're too flammable.


How does the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms classify spud guns?

It classifies spud guns not as firearms, assuming they're used recreationally. This notwithstanding, in most U.S. cities, it is illegal to fire a spud gun.


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