Ink, Grass and Blood: Test Your Stain Removal Knowledge

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Fashions may change, but a stain remains the permanent fashion faux pas. Luckily, a stain itself probably doesn't have to be permanent if you have the stuff and know-how to treat it. Take our quiz to test your stain removal knowledge.

If you've got an oily residue from the stain on your good white cotton shirt, which of the following is the best absorbent to use?

Although fullers earth is a good absorbent for dark colors, cornmeal is best for light colors.


If you have baked-on stains in a microwave, try cooking this solution inside and then wiping clean:

If your microwave is spattered with old sauces and greasy buildup, place a glass measuring cup with 1 cup water and 1/4 cup vinegar inside the microwave. Boil for 3 minutes, then remove the measuring cup and wipe inside of oven with a damp sponge.


Coconut oil is good for use in:

Coconut oil is used in the preparation of a dry spotter, which is used to remove many kinds of stains. If you cannot obtain coconut oil, you may substitute mineral oil, which is almost as effective.


Which of the following mixes will release a highly toxic substance?

Never mix ammonia with chlorine bleach, as this will release chloramine, a highly toxic substance.


Which of the following kinds of soap is NOT appropriate for treating spots and stains?

Do not use bath soaps with added moisturizers, fragrance, dyes or deodorant to treat spots and stains. Purchase either laundry soap or pure white soap.


Which of the following kinds of rug stains would vinegar work to remove?

Both ketchup and chewing gum can be treated effectively with vinegar. Remove ketchup from a rug by sponging a mixture of 1 cup vinegar and 2 cups water into the rug. Frequently wring out the sponge until the stain is gone. To dissolve chewing gum stuck in carpet or any cloth, saturate the area with vinegar and let it sit briefly, then carefully tug at the gum to remove it.


Enzyme presoaks work best:

Use enzyme soaks as soon as possible after mixing in solution; they become inactive in storage. Don't mix them with bleach, as this will inactivate the enzymes.


Perc, a main product used in dry cleaning, is short for:

Perchlorethylene, or perc, is used in dry cleaning processes. A typical machine might pump perc through the clothes at a rate of perhaps 1,500 gallons (5,678 liters) per hour. Perc is about 75 percent heavier than water


What are Magic Erasers and Easy Erasing Pads made of?

The secret behind these types of erasers is a material commonly called melamine foam. With just a little water, melamine foam can dig in and destroy stains that other products can't touch.


What's the best treatment for stains on suede?

A suede stone is a product for rubbing marks from suede. Usually, rubbing is all that is needed to remove grime, dirt and oil stains. However, it can be dampened for tougher stains. It'll also remove some types of marks from wallpaper, much like an eraser.


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