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Whether you're a busy homemaker or a harried professional, anything that cuts down on the weekly housecleaning chores should be welcome. Stain-resistant carpeting is certainly a great way to make quick work of spills and splashes and it will keep your house looking great.

How do stain-resistant carpets resist stains?

If you choose a carpet that is stain-resistant, it means that it is coated with a chemical finish that repels dirt, preventing stains from setting.


Which is the most common fiber used to make carpets in the United States?

Nylon fibers are used in 50 percent of all carpets sold in the United States. Other popular carpet materials include wool, silk, polyester and acrylic.


Stain resistant carpets can repel stains from:

If you've bought a stain-resistant carpet made from nylon, you may never have to scrub a carpet again. Most of these chemically-treated wonders can repel stains resulting from spilled food and beverages, pet accidents, shoe polish, ink and more.


What is the best cleaning product to use on stain-resistant carpet?

A little soap and water is usually all you need to clean carpet stains quickly and effectively. Remember to attack any stains as soon as possible.


What is the biggest advantage of stain-resistant carpet?

If you buy good quality stain-resistant nylon carpeting, you should get many years of enjoyment from it. You won't feel you have to replace it as often, because it looks better longer than regular carpet.


Which of the following may harm your stain-resistant carpeting?

To make sure that potentially harmful substances such as mustard and acne medication don't permanently stain your carpet, do not use them anywhere near it.


Which type of carpet is the most expensive?

Many factors go into the price of any carpet; top quality stain-resistant nylon carpeting can cost as much as carpets made of traditionally expensive natural fibers like wool and silk.


Which type of allergens are often trapped in carpet fibers?

The carpet in your home harbors more microorganisms, such as mold and bacteria, than any other type of flooring.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from many compounds. How do they get into your carpet?

You may bring airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your home and into your carpet on your shoes or by spraying cleaning chemicals. Carpet stain-resistant treatments themselves can emit VOCs.


Today's synthetic, petroleum-based carpeting is _____ for the environment.

Our landfills are filling up with, among other harmful things, carpets manufactured with a mix of petroleum and chemicals. Ninety-eight percent of synthetic carpeting contains an ingredient that takes more than a century to break down.


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