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A group of 12-year-old boys learns that there may be a hideous discovery awaiting them in the darkness of the forest. They set out to find adventure, and instead they're confronted with the harsh realities of the world around them. How much do you know about the coming-of-age movie called "Stand By Me"?

"Stand By Me" is a movie based on a story by which author?

The movie is based on a 1982 Stephen King story titled, "The Body." It's a coming-of-age story in which a group of young boys sets out to find the body of a boy who's gone missing.


When was "Stand By Me" released to theaters?

The movie hit theaters in 1986. Ronald Reagan was president, the Challenger space shuttle exploded, and the Chernobyl nuclear accident rocked the world.


Which actor played the character named Teddy?

Corey Feldman played the character named Teddy Duchamp. Teddy is the weird kid with physical scars who eventually winds up in prison.


In which U.S. state is the story set?

In the King novella, the story is set in Maine ... but the movie is actually set in Oregon. It takes place near a small town called Castle Rock.


Who directed the movie?

Rob Reiner directed this hit movie, along with other blockbusters such as "A Few Good Men" and "When Harry Met Sally…"


The group sets out to find the body of a missing boy. How did the boy die?

The boy, named Ray Brower, was supposedly hit by a train. He was out in the woods picking blueberries when the accident occurred.


Rob Reiner was the first choice to direct the film.

Reiner wasn't the first choice for director. Instead, the studio wanted British director Adrian Lyne, but he was already busy wrapping up a movie called "9 1/2 Weeks."


What's the name of actor Wil Wheaton's character?

Wheaton played Gordie Lachance, who as an adult writes the story as a reflection of his childhood experiences in 1959.


What was the budget for this 1986 movie?

The movie was a bargain for $8 million. It earned more than $52 million in box office receipts.


At one point of the movie, the boys have to deal with which kind of creatures?

As the boys wander through the forest, they wind up in a swampy area filled with leeches, which begin sucking their blood. The crew used real leeches for the scene.


The boy named Vern struggles with which problem?

Vern is the butt of many jokes, in part because he's overweight. It's Vern who first learns the news of a body supposedly lost in the woods.


Just prior to his work on "Stand By Me," Corey Feldman appeared in which movie?

Feldman was involved in a string of hit movies in the 80s. Just before "Stand By Me," he starred in "Goonies," another movie in which a group of young boys goes on a series of adventures.


Before "Stand By Me," how many films had Rob Reiner directed?

Reiner directed "The Sure Thing," and "This Is Spinal Tap." From the 80s to the early 90s, Reiner's films were incredibly successful.


What happened three days before the movie began shooting?

The production company was sold to Columbia just days before shooting was slated to begin, and the new owners had zero interest in making "Stand By Me." Reiner convinced one investor to pitch in more than $7 million to continue production.


Who narrates the movie?

Richard Dreyfuss is the grown-up version of Gordie Lachance. He provides the story and the narration that propels the movie's action.


The group of boys never does find the body of Ray Brower.

After a series of adventures, the boys finally do find the boy. Then they fight with a group of older boys over who gets to take credit for finding the corpse.


Which musician was NOT featured on the movie's soundtrack album?

There were no Elvis songs on the soundtrack album. It had songs from Holly, Lewis, The Del-Vikings and, of course, Ben E. King, who sang "Stand By Me."


What's the nickname of the bully who torments the group?

Actor Kiefer Sutherland plays the role of "Ace," who leads a gang of vicious older boys that want to find the body (and claim the glory) for themselves.


Before the group heads out to find the body, which boy steals his father's gun?

The boys worry that they may run into danger during their journey. For safety's sake, Chris decides to snag his father's pistol and take it along for the adventure.


What role did Raynold Gideon have in the making of the movie?

Gideon wrote the screenplay with the help of Bruce Evans. He also had a hand in the making of "Starman," "Made in Heaven" and "Mr. Brooks."


Who plays the character named Denny Lachance, who is Gordie's older brother?

John Cusack plays Denny for just a few short scenes. Denny winds up dead due to a severe car accident, an event that shakes Gordie's life to the core.


When Ace and his thugs try to intimidate the boys into giving up the body, which boy stands up to them?

Chris, whose older brother is one of Ace's minions, stands up to Ace and refuses to relinquish claim to the body. Ace is furious and pulls a knife on Chris.


How does Gordie stop Ace from stabbing Chris?

Gordie, fearful that Ace will harm or kill Chris with a knife, decides to escalate the situation. He pulls a handgun and tells Ace to leave them alone.


Who came up with the name for the film?

Studio executives were concerned that King's original title ("The Body") would confuse the public. After throwing around various options, director Rob Reiner came up with "Stand By Me."


Reiner had already picked Ben E. King's song for the end of the film when he came up with the film's title.

Reiner knew that he wanted King's song to play near the end of the movie. He thought the song's title would be a fitting name for the film, too.


Chris's older brother Richard is in Ace's gang. What's Richard's nickname?

Richard's nickname is Eyeball. Played by Bradley Gregg, Richard is a terrible role model for his younger brother, Chris. Richard happily does the bidding of Ace Merrill.


Which movie company distributed the film?

The movie was produced by a company called Act III Productions -- and it was distributed by Columbia Pictures.


What was author Stephen King's opinion of the completed film?

Many King stories have been adapted for the big screen, and the author really dislikes some of the films he inspired. However, he felt that "Stand By Me" was a fantastic movie.


In one scene, the boys run across a railroad bridge to escape an oncoming train. How did director Rob Reiner get the boys to act scared for this scene?

The young actors struggled to produce a convincing feeling of fear. In a fit of exasperation, Reiner started screaming at them, and the boys started crying -- and then they nailed the scene.


For the scene in which the boys run from an approaching train, the young actors completed all of the stunts themselves.

The team hired short females (with close-cropped hair) to perform these stunts. The boys were never in any sort of danger.


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