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Thanks to the wacky imaginations of a lot of sci-fi writers, there are dozens of fictional extraterrestrials in our popular culture. How much do you know about the alien races in "Star Trek?"

In which year did the Klingons make their first "Star Trek" appearance?

The Klingons, of course, went on to become one of the most famous alien races in sci-fi history.


The "Race of Listeners" is also called what?

A character named Guinan is the most recognizable of this species, which is introduced in "Star Trek: The Next Generation."


Which race was the first contact between Earth humans and extraterrestrials?

A Vulcan survey ship landed in Montana and started a brand-new era in human history.


Grazerites may have evolved from what sort of species?

They have vaguely cow-like faces and their personalities are cow-like, too.


What product can the Aaamazzarites create with their mouths?

Actually, this species creates everything on the planet using their mouths.


What source do Iotians use as a model for their social practices?

It was titled "Chicago Mobs of the Twenties," resulting in one the most ridiculous alien races in "Star Trek" history.


What is the primary purpose of a Ferengi's life?

Everything in their lives is centered around making money.


Which Starfleet captain was the first to encounter the Metrons?

The Metrons have advanced technologies that make the Federation seem primitive.


What is the ultimate goal of the Borg?

They seek perfection by assimilating other species.


The "Greys" of our real-world pop culture could easily be based on which Star Trek race?

They have big heads, and they use illusions to control themselves and others.


Kahless is a spiritual leader of which race?

He became the first Klingon emperor and serves as an important symbol in Klingon culture.


Which race has developed a nerve pinch submission technique that's similar to the Vulcans?

They are derisively called the "hippies" of the "Star Trek" world for their goofy behavior.


What event ruined Talosians civilization?

Their decimated species was left with ruins; they retreated to underground homes for safety.


Which species looks like nothing more than a disembodied head with two lights for eyes?

They don't like Federation types and are known to launch buoys with recorded warnings.


Which race inherently despises Tribbles?

But to be fair, Klingons hate a lot of creatures.


What color is the skin of the Orion race?

The 2009 "Star Trek" movie features an Orion named Gaila.


From which quadrant are the Kazon?

They are a warrior species with a history of being used for slave labor.


The now-extinct M-113 creature had an obsessive craving for what?

These creatures would happily murder other beings to obtain beloved salt.


How many individuals make up a typical Andorian marriage?

These creatures have antennae that show their emotional state.


Which species hails from the Delphic Expanse?

The Xindi launched an assault on Earth in 2153, killing millions of people.


Where was the Cytherian homeworld located?

It was right smack in the middle of the Milky Way.


What factor nearly led to the extinction of the Vulcan race?

They learned to rein in their violent emotions and become more rational.


The Borg referred to which race as Species 218?

Neelix was a Talaxian who appeared in "Star Trek: Voyager."


The Wadi race has an obsession with what?

They have a particular affinity for a game called chula.


Starfleet's Dr. Phlox is what race?

One odd thing about Denobulans -- they do not like to be touched.


How many fingers (total) do Nuvians have?

Appropriately, they are referred to as masseuses in at least one episode of "Star Trek: Enterprise."


Ekosian society takes its cues from which human culture?

They learn Nazi behaviors from a Federation cultural observer, who accidentally sets them down a terrifying path.


Which race creates spaceships that grow edible vegetation on the walls?

They also have advanced stealth technology and created holodecks long before humans did.


Where does the Novan race live?

They were driven underground by a "poison rain" that they blame on humans.


The Hirogen spend all of their time doing what?

Although they are technologically advanced, they expend their energy killing other creatures and then display their corpses as trophies.


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