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Their prominent facial protrusions and permanent scowls mark them as the fiercest "Star Trek" characters. How much do you know about the not-so-cuddly Klingons?

Which species did the Klingons fight in the Battle of Klach D'kel Brakt?

The Klingons and Romulans are constantly at odds with each other, often to the point of bloodshed.


In which year did the Klingons first appear in the original "Star Trek" series?

The Klingons made their unforgettable debut in an episode called "Errand of Mercy."


How many episodes aired BEFORE the Klingons made their debut?

That's right, most of the first season had already aired before this iconic species made its big splash.


What is the name of the Klingon homeworld?

The planet, like Earth, has only one moon, called Praxis.


On which sense do Klingons most rely when they are hunting?

They have a very keen sense of smell that plays a significant role in their lives, from hunting to mating.


How long did the first Klingon-Federation War last?

The Organians stepped into the fray and forced both sides to agree to a ceasefire.


Which class of Klingon ship is the first to be seen by "Star Trek" audiences?

These are heavily-armed battlecruisers that would form the foundation for the menacing look of future Klingon ships.


How is Klingon society structured with regards to the sexes?

Women are not allowed to serve at the highest levels of government.


Around what year did the Klingons develop warp-drive capabilities?

Around the 2150s this species managed to hit warp 6, making the Klingons' explorations much speedier.


In the 23rd century, what factor contributed heavily to constant conflict between humans and Klingons?

As the Federation grew stronger and more widespread, the Klingons were driven to challenge it.


What is a Klingon "bat'leth?"

It is similar to a scimitar, with a wicked-looking crescent shape; it is frequently carried by Klingon warriors.


What material was used to create the very first bat'leth?

Legend has it that the first emperor dunked some hair into a volcano and used the resulting material to forge a sword.


A famous Klingon proverb says that, "A fool and his WHAT are soon parted?"

The most literal translation is "Soon a fool and his head will be separated," but you probably already gathered that much.


When viewed from space, what color is the Klingon homeworld?

The gentle color of this world belies the ferocity of its inhabitants.


Klingon marital bonds could most accurately be described as what?

They typically marry for life in a very private ceremony.


What was the name of the first Klingon emperor?

Kahless became an icon of courage, power and honor that greatly affected every following generation of Klingons.


What is probably the most honorable way for a Klingon warrior to die?

If you're going to be killed in battle, you might as well take one of your foes out, too.


When did humans finally journey to Qo'noS, the Klingon homeworld?

And it's not because of war -- the Star Trek crew was trying to reunite a wounded Klingon with his people.


In Klingon legend, if a warrior is captured during battle he brings dishonor to his family for how many generations?

To avoid such dishonor, Klingons would rather fight to the death than wind up as POWs.


What does "tlhIngan Hol" mean in Klingon?

The Klingon language is a fully-functional fictional language spoken by people all over the world.


About how many words are there in the Klingon language?

There are even various accents and dialects so that you can really get your Klingon on.


What is an alternate name for the Klingon homeworld?

"Kling" is another name that appears in some of the earliest "Stark Trek" literature, but Qo'noS is clearly the most common name.


Klingons were ruled by a democracy for a brief period, which became known as what?

The democratic government was tainted by the fact that the previous imperial had been slaughtered during an assassination.


In what year was the Klingon language first spoken on screen?

It wasn't until the first "Star Trek" feature film that the language made its debut in a script.


What was the nickname for Emperor Kahless?

He was, in fact, unforgettable, casting a long and powerful shadow over his entire species for century after century.


Which "Star Trek" actor came up with the idea for creating a Klingon language?

Doohan also helped to develop parts of the Vulcan language; both contributions added realism to the show.


In Klingon culture, a beard is a symbol of what?

Many Klingon warriors sport beards to boast of their courage.


A famous Klingon proverb says that "HOW MANY throats may be cut in one night by a running man?"

But imagine the mess you'd have to clean up.


Which class of Klingon ship carries a more powerful arsenal than any other?

These ships can carry a crew of around 2,500 and first appeared in "The Next Generation" era of the franchise.


Why does Qo'noS, the Klingon homeworld, commonly have rapidly changing and violent weather?

Its skewed axis and large bodies of water contribute to a wacky weather pattern fitting of the Klingon name.


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