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The "Star Trek" TV series blossomed on the big screen. How much do you know about these science fiction blockbusters?

Why was Gene Roddenberry's role greatly reduced for the second "Star Trek" film?

Studio executives thought a new leader might improve the second film's success rate.


What was the first "Star Trek" movie with space effects created using only computer generated imagery?

Of course, these days many, many movies rely solely on CGI.


Which Star Trek film was directed by Leonard Nimoy?

Nimoy's direction proved beneficial to the franchise.


Why was security very tight on the set of "Star Trek III?"

Cast members received only specific pages of the script to prevent them from publicizing the story.


The success of what film helped convince Paramount to finish the first "Star Trek" movie?

The success of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" also propelled the "Star Trek" project forward.


When was the first "Star Trek" film released?

It made around $140 million at the box office, not the kind of number that the studio had hoped for.


About how much did it cost to create the bridge on the set of the first "Star Trek" film?

The recreation deck cost even more, at a quarter of a million dollars.


About how much did it cost to create the first "Star Trek" film?

Delays and special effects costs accounted for much of the final bill.


What was the budget for "Star Trek: First Contact (1996)?"

About the same as the original film, which was made decades earlier


For the first Star Trek movie, where did the crew shoot scenes that were set on the planet Vulcan?

The hot springs are heavily featured in some scenes.


How many "Star Trek" films featured the cast of "Star Trek: The Next Generation?"

The TV show's popularity carried over to the big screen.


Which "Star Trek" film was the first to establish a Web site to help market the movie?

It was a first ever for the industry and heralded a new method for attracting audiences.


Why did creators nix the name "The Vengeance of Khan" from Star Trek II?

"Return of the Jedi" was initially called "Revenge of the Jedi."


Which film earned only about $67 million and was considered a flop?

Poor direction is often blamed for this flame-out.


Why was William Shatner angry with Kirstie Alley during the filming of Spock's funeral scene?

Because everyone knows that Vulcans don't cry.


What was the budget of "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan?"

It shows sometimes in the paltry special effects, but this film is sometimes regarded as the franchise's best.


Which "Star Trek" film was the first to win an Academy Award?

It won for Best Makeup and Hairstyling.


In the words of one producer, which "Star Trek" film nearly killed the franchise?

It was expected to make $200 million and couldn't even garner half of that.


"Star Trek: First Contact" follows the crew's interactions with which enemy?

It was critically acclaimed for its advanced special effects.


How many days did the cast spend on location when filming "Star Trek III?"

Every other day was shot in studios.


Which film's box office take was only a little more than its production budget?

It made only around $7 million more than its $60 million in costs.


Benedict Cumberbatch played which character in Star Trek Into Darkness?

He is given a fake identity (John Harrison) and eventually battles against Starfleet.


Which movie was dedicated to the crew of the space shuttle Challenger?

It was released in 1986, after the shuttle was destroyed on a mission.


How did producers convince Leonard Nimoy to return for "The Wrath of Khan?"

The promise of a famous death scene was what finally sold him.


Why was "The Wrath of Khan" largely rewritten, particularly regarding Spock's death scene?

Spock was supposed to die early in the movie, but negative fan reactions changed the script significantly.


Gene Roddenberry died just days after watching which "Star Trek" film?

Fittingly, it was also the last to star the cast of the original TV series.


"Star Trek: First Contact" was the first "Star Trek" film to do what?

However, some models were still used for the most important scenes.


Who directed "Star Trek: The Final Frontier?"

He couldn't settle for simply being the spotlight character.


"Star Trek Generations" brings together which two popular characters?

They work together to prevent the obliteration of a planet.


When Spock dies, what was Dr. McCoy originally supposed to say?

But producers were afraid people would chuckle at McCoy's already-familiar phrase.


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