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They are the devious and often tempestuous brats of the "Star Trek" universe. How much do you know about the Romulans?

Which of the following professions is most revered in Romulan society?

Romulan society is by nature militaristic.


How does the Terothka virus affect Romulans?

It is a virus that seems to affect only Romulans.


Romulans are closely related to what other species?

They have the same kind of coppery blood and pointy ears.


Romulans split off from Vulcan society due to differences of opinion on which matter?

Romulans are known to have volatile tempers.


From a medical standpoint, Romulan physiology shares some important traits with which species?

In one episode, Dr. Beverly Crusher uses Klingon-styled treatment to help an injured Romulan.


What is the name of the Romulan capital city?

And their home world is called Romulus, too.


Which word best describes the outlook of Romulans?

Romulans detest strangers … and it shows in their behaviors.


In 2371, the Romulans launched an attack against the Dominion with the help of which species?

The preemptive attack was a massive failure and resulted in the loss of the fleet.


Which Starfleet captain was the first to encounter the Romulans?

Like so many other encounters with the Romulans, the first meeting was not particularly pleasant.


What is the Romulan "Right of Statement?"

It gives Romulan criminals one last chance to explain their behavior.


What color is kali-fal, a strong Romulan beverage?

It is known to be so pungent that it clears your sinuses before you even drink it.


For what purpose did Romulans keep Remans as slaves?

The Remans resent their role as slaves and have a history of being powerful warriors.


What do Romulans do with babies that are born with physical disabilities?

Romulans can be notoriously short on empathy.


In what year did the Earth-Romulan War begin?

The conflict raged for four years and ended with a Romulan defeat.


Why did the Romulans start the Earth-Romulan war?

The Romulans were concerned about the emerging powers of Starfleet and United Earth.


When did humans get their first up-close look at the physical appearance of the Romulan species?

They spent four years fighting a species they'd never seen; then, the humans didn't really see the Romulans for a whole century.


In Romulan society, females are equal to males.

Although they can be savage, they are remarkably even-keeled in their treatment of the sexes.


Romulans are physically stronger than humans.

Like their Vulcan cousins, Romulans have body strength superior to humans.


Once the post-war Romulan Neutral Zone was established, for how long did humans and Romulans barely encounter each other?

The war had a long-term effect on the populations of both species.


What is an osol twist?

Romulan food seems to be at least somewhat palatable to humans, unlike so many other dishes in the "Star Trek" franchise.


What does it mean when Romulans "march beneath the raptor's wings?"

When Romulans rejected their ultra-logical Vulcan counterparts, they embraced a more savage worldview.


In what year did Romulans make their first on-screen appearance?

They've also been heavily featured in two feature films and most of the various "Star Trek" TV shows.


The Romulan Imperial Senate is commanded by which leader?

The senate, of course, is based in the capital city of Romulus.


What is Rihannsu?

It first appeared in "Star Trek" novels and is not considered an official part of the franchise's canon.


What is the Tal Shiar?

Like many real-world secret police, this one kept regular Romulan citizens very anxious.


When was the Romulan Neutral Zone established?

It was created after the Romulans were defeated in the Earth-Romulan War; violating the zone was taken as an act of war.


What color are Romulan hearts?

And when it pumps through the heart and veins, their blood is red.


Which event led to the Treaty of Algeron?

The treaty reinforced the Neutral Zone … and also forbad the Federation from pursuing its own cloaking technologies.


What happened during the Neutral Zone Incursion of 2266?

The confrontation ended with the Romulan ship self-destructing.


Which technology did the Romulans test during the Neutral Zone Incursion?

The cloaking devices worked fairly well but couldn’t completely fool the crew of the Enterprise.


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