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Space ships are vital to every episode of this warp-heavy series. How much do you know about "Star Trek" spacecraft?

In what year did the original USS Enterprise launch?

Captain Robert April was the first commander of the famed ship.


What is the maximum warp speed of the Enterprise NX-01?

More specifically, warp 5.06, with a little extra for extreme circumstances.


How many decks were included on a Klingon Bird-of-Prey?

These ships were on the small size but they made up for it with deadly attack capabilities.


What figure is painted on the hull of the Romulan Bird-of-Prey?

They took the ship's art literally, painting a bird of prey right on the hull.


The Akira-class ship appears primarily in which "Star Trek" show?

This is one of Starfleet's newer ships and features an ultra-futuristic look.


Class I Heavy Cruisers fell into which Starfleet class?

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 was a Constitution-class ship.


How many shuttlepods does the Enterprise NX-01 carry?

The shuttlepods, of course, are just for short trips near the primary spacecraft.


If you wanted to go on a purely scientific mission, you'd use which class of Starfleet ship?

These ships could operate with a crew as small as five.


Which race used artificial quantum singularity to generate power for their ships?

The technology is also sometimes called forced quantum singularity.


What was the crew size of the USS Enterprise when Captain Kirk took command of this vessel?

By comparison, the Enterprise NCC-1701-D had a crew of more than 1,000.


Which is probably the fastest Starfleet ship?

The maximum speed was around warp 9.9, making it one of Starfleet's quickest ships; the USS Voyager may have been just as fast.


The war-centric Defiant-class ships are most heavily featured in which "Star Trek" series?

This ship plays a huge role in fighting back against the Dominion.


What is the cruising warp speed of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701?

It can hit warp 9, too, but only if the captain is willing to risk everyone's lives (we're talking about you, Kirk).


The Ferengi D'Kora-class ships are as fast as which class of Federation ships?

That means they can hit speeds topping warp 9.


Galor-class ships are used by which race?

These are the most common type of Cardassian warships.


The T'Pau starship was used by which race?

The Vulcans often used this Apollo-class ship for transport purposes.


The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D was destroyed after a battle with which race?

A Klingon Bird of Prey caused massive damage, but the crew managed to evacuate.


The original versions of the Sovereign-class ships had how many phaser arrays?

Later versions sported 16 phaser arrays, making this a very deadly ship.


When it went into attack mode, into how many pieces could the USS Prometheus split?

The "multi-vector assault mode" made this ship a formidable weapon in any battle.


What was the first class of Klingon ship to appear in "Star Trek?"

This ship, with its spread wings and elongated neck, is meant to appear reminiscent of a manta ray.


What was the primary purpose of Olympic-class ships?

The spherical hull made these ships instantly recognizable.


What event spurred the development of the Defiant class ships?

The heavily-armed Defiant-class ships were an arms race against the terrifying Borg.


For how long can an Akira-class ship hold a speed of warp 9.8?

This heavy cruiser had a crew of around 500.


Constellation-class ships were equipped with how many warp nacelles?

Most Starfleet ships, of course, had only two warp nacelles.


Which class of Klingon ship was the first to be completely computer-generated?

This is a tough ship meant to withstand the beatings of a serious battle.


When it was under cloak, what was the maximum speed of the Romulan D'deridix-class ship?

Disengage cloak, though, and this baby easily reaches warp 9.


What is the approximate maximum weapons range of a Nebula-class ship?

Like many ships, it has both torpedo launchers and phasers.


For evacuation purposes, what was the maximum capacity of a Galaxy-class ship?

With 42 decks, these were the flagships of Starfleet, bigger and more powerful than most others.


The Intrepid-class ships feature how many decks?

This class isn't even half the size of a Galaxy-class ship, but it still packs plenty of firepower.


In which century was the Sovereign-class ship introduced?

It was one of the first Starfleet ships to take on the Borg.


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