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This organization is fundamental to one of the most beloved sci-fi series of all time. How much do you know about "Star Trek's" Starfleet?

Starfleet's Nova Squadron was made up of what kinds of service members?

They were experts at guiding single-pilot spacecraft with extreme precision.


Where is Starfleet Headquarters located?

It is in San Francisco, near the Golden Gate Bridge.


Why were Starfleet ships required to undergo occasional baryon sweeps?

The radiation was a side effect of warp-speed travel.


The primary mission of Starfleet was "…to seek out new life and new" what?

And also to "boldly go where no man has gone before."


How long was the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program?

Candidates had to successfully complete the program in order to take the Starfleet entrance exam.


In what year did the first Starfleet vessel launch?

It was the Enterprise NX-01, commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer.


About how many different races are represented in Starfleet?

Humans are by far the most common species in the organization.


Members of the United Federation of Planets adhere to the Prime Directive, which prohibits what?

The thinking was that these civilizations have the right to develop on their own.


If a member violates the Prime Directive, what is the crew then allowed to do?

So if you accidentally mess with a native civilization, you have the power to try and make things right.


For how long did Spock's father refuse to speak to him after he joined Starfleet instead of attending the Vulcan Science Academy?

Spock's family life suffered but his choice greatly benefited Starfleet.


What is the most likely function of the Starfleet Tactical department?

It may also invest in weapons research so that its ships have the best possible arsenal.


What color are the uniforms of Starfleet medical personnel?

Operations, security and engineering personnel all wear red.


Starfleet Command is also sometimes called what?

Its headquarters is in Fort Baker, near San Francisco.


Around 2130, Starfleet was integrated with which organization?

Together, Starfleet and UESPA launched many successful exploration missions.


Which species (other than human) was the first to earn an officer position within Starfleet?

T'Pol, from Vulcan, became a commander after she gave up her place in the Vulcan High Command.


Before they can apply to Starfleet Academy, individuals from worlds that are not a part of the Federation must do what?

The hope is that this process will reduce the number of low-quality applicants from non-Federation areas.


Where are many of Starfleet's ships constructed?

It's a peninsula north of San Francisco; it is only about a mile wide, but apparently large enough for space ship manufacturing.


What function does MACO serve aboard Starfleet ships?

MACO stands for Military Assault Command Operations.


Most of Starfleet's missions revolve around what?

The various "Star Trek" shows unearth dozens of aliens, both peaceful and evil.


Starfleet allows its people to infiltrate and study pre-warp societies so long as they don't do what?

Any advanced technologies could permanently alter the race's destiny.


What does Starfleet Directive 010 instruct a crew to do?

Starfleet prefers its crews to ask questions instead of just blasting away.


Where was the Starfleet ship USS Voyager constructed?

It was built at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and commanded by Captain Janeway.


Starfleet General Order 0 permits a ship's captain to do what?

Omega particles are so dangerous that a crew was instructed to get rid of them no matter the risks.


Where was McKinley Station, which was used primarily by Starfleet?

This particular station was used mostly for starship construction.


What is the duration of the Starfleet officer training program?

As with many real-world universities, Starfleet wants its officers to have four-year educations.


Which Starfleet captain was sent to confront the Xindi after they killed millions of humans on Earth?

Archer eventually became one of the first presidents in the Federation.


The Starfleet Marine Corps handles what kind of military engagements?

These ground troops are rarely mentioned but did take part in Operation Reprieve.


In what year did Starfleet fall under the authority of the Federation?

At least a few Starfleet missions were still directed by UESPA a century later.


The USS Armstrong belongs to which class of Starfleet ship?

It was named after astronaut Neil Armstrong.


What was the supposed name for Starfleet's secretive special operations group?

It recruited members of Starfleet intelligence for its top-secret missions.


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