Quiz: The 'Star Trek' United Federation of Planets Quiz
The 'Star Trek' United Federation of Planets Quiz
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No species can stand alone for long in such a hostile "Star Trek" universe. How much do know about the alliance called the United Federation of Planets?

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The United Federation of Planets (UFP) was intended to be a more perfect version of which real-world organization?
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In what year was the UFP formed?
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How many species were the first to come together to found the Federation?
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Which of the following species was NOT one of the founding members of the UFP?
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The UFP operates mostly in which two quadrants?
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UFP Admiral Alynna Nechayev negotiated a treaty ending a conflict between the UFP and which species?
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Where was the Federation founded?
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How many different members make up the Federation?
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The UFP quietly winds up replacing which Earth organization?
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What was the name of the organization that was the forerunner of the Federation?
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Attacks by which species sparked the development of the Coalition?
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What did the Charter of the United Federation of Planets establish?
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How many olive branches appear on most versions of the UFP's Great Seal?
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If a world isn't unified under one government, the UFP will NOT consider you for membership.
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In which century did the Federation have its first confirmed encounters with the Borg?
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Which commander does the UPF assign to Deep Space Nine?
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Where is the office of the UFP's President located?
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For how long did the Enterprise-D operate as the UPF's flagship?
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For how long did the Coalition of Planets exist before giving way to the UFP?
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In which year did the UFP lose the USS Voyager due to an attack launched by the Caretaker's Array?
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To which quadrant was the USS Voyager sent after being attacked?
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In the 23rd century, which race was the primary enemy of the Federation?
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In which production did the Federation's flag make its first appearance?
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How many other superpowers (not including the UFP) are there in the known universe?
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The Demilitarized Zone is established between the UFP and which species?
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Which species is NOT part of the Dominion Alliance that fought against the UFP and its allies?
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In the 24th century, the UFP goes into prolonged war with which group?
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How many different designs has the Great Seal of the UPF been through?
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Which UFP world was NOT occupied during the Dominion invasion?
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