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"Star Trek: Voyager" follows the adventures of a crew stranded far from home. How much do you know about this lost Starfleet ship?

For how many seasons did "Voyager" run?

It aired from 1995 to 2001.


Which group is the Voyager chasing when it becomes lost, far from home?

The Maquis also appeared as dangerous enemies in "Deep Space Nine."


Where was Capt. Janeway born?

She's a native of Bloomington.


In which quadrant was the Voyager lost?

It's a very long ways from Earth, even with warp speed available.


About how many years would it have taken the crew to travel from Delta Quadrant back to Earth?

It's a distance of about 70,000 light years.


One episode of the show saw a brief appearance by a musician from which band?

Tom Morello played a crew member that offered directions to Capt. Janeway.


What happens after Voyager catches up to the Maquis?

They do so with reservations but hoping that they'll be able to eventually return home.


Ocampa have lifespans of how long?

Each season sees Kes aging noticeably.


Which god-like character makes several appearances in "Voyager?"

He returns to taunt yet another Starfleet crew.


What is Capt. Janeway's first name?

She is the first female captain in the "Star Trek" series.


Which race has more than a hundred times the genetic material of the human body?

They are able to access extra-dimensional realms and they have scary claws.


Voyager was the first "Star Trek" series to do what?

Previous shows used models for exterior shots.


What role does Tom Paris play aboard the ship?

A former Starfleet outcast, he claims an indispensable role on Voyager.


Which professional wrestler appears in an episode of the show?

It was just before his career blasted through the stratosphere.


Actor Garrett Wang plays which character?

He was originally a pre-med student but acting worked out for him.


How many crew members are on Voyager?

The ship is much smaller than its Enterprise cousins.


What race is Neelix?

His knowledge of the Delta Quadrant is of critical importance to the crew.


What race is the ship's doctor?

He can alter his appearance at will yet retains his sarcastic personality.


The doctor on the ship spends a good amount of time trying to do what?

He goes so far as to create a holographic family.


How many moons does the planet Bajor have?

Bajor is a Class M planet with a day that lasts 26 hours.


Who was originally cast to play Captain Janeway?

After just a few scenes she decided the workload was too extreme.


What special power does Kes possess?

She uses her mind to conquer many obstacles.


What happens to creatures infected by phage?

It affects the Vidiians, who have combated it for many years.


What is Tom Paris's middle name?

It is in honor of "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry.


During pregnancy, female Bajorans experience what?

The human variation of morning sickness is probably worse.


Who replaces Kes in the fourth season?

She is severely impacted by Species 8472 and must leave the Voyager (although she returns later in guest appearances).


How many total episodes of the show were aired?

The show was a hit for Paramount and CBS.


Which wealthy person appeared as an ensign in one episode?

He doesn't speak but he does nod to another character.


Which species did the Borg decide wasn't worth assimilating?

The were often used as slave laborers.


In the final episode, the journey home is reduced from 75 years to how long?

A journey of a lifetime is cut to the seven years that the series aired.


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