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They are both cultural touchstones of monumental proportions. How much do you know about "Star Wars" and "Star Trek?"

Which captain offers the following quote? "I would be delighted to offer any advice I can on understanding women. When I have some, I'll let you know?"

Kirk would never admit to not understanding women.


In which year did the first "Star Trek" video game launch?

It was a text-based game.


In which year did the first video game for "Star Wars" appear?

"The Empire Strikes Back" was released for Intellivision and Atari 2600.


By how many years did "Star Trek" beat "Star Wars" to the public consciousness?

"Star Trek" emerged in 1966; "Star Wars" came in 1977.


How long after the first "Star Wars" movie did the first "Star Trek" film appear?

They were hot on the heels of George Lucas' triumph.


How many "Star Wars" TV series have existed?

The animated shows have proved exceptionally popular.


How many "Star Trek" TV series have existed?

The franchise has survived for more than four decades.


Which shows take place in the future?

"Star Wars" takes place "A long time ago..."


The MTT space vehicle appears in which franchise?

It stands for Multi-Troop Transport.


The term "starfleet" is used often in which franchise?

And new recruits attend "Starfleet Academy"


How many "Star Wars" video games launched in 2000?

It was a busy gaming year for this franchise.


How many 'Star Trek" video games appeared in 2000?

Even "Star Wars" couldn't top the number of "Star Trek" titles that year.


Which productions feature intermittent time travel?

It was featured in several episodes of the show.


What term does "Star Trek" use for faster-than-light space travel?

Without it, many of the stories would be impossible.


What term does "Star Wars" use for faster-than-light space travel?

In both shows the stars become streaks.


Which shows used Hollywood Westerns as inspiration?

Producers took cues from shows such as "Wagon Train."


Which character asked, "What does God need with a starship?

"Star Trek" was fond of big philosophical questions.


Which year did both franchises make their debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System console?

It was the first of many for the NES.


Which franchise typically gets more credit for its basis in real science?

"Star Wars" openly accepts elements of fantasy.


Which franchise released a film in 1983?

It was "Return of the Jedi."


Which character utters the phrase, "I find your lack of faith disturbing?"

Darth Vader was an expert in matters of faith. Or not.


Torpedo-type ship weapons appear in which franchise?

Photon torpedoes are one of the Enterprise's primary weapons.


Which show features ship sounds based on an elephant's call?

The TIE fighters are a blend of cars sounds and elephant calls.


Which console was the first to feature a "Star Trek" video game?

It was called "Star Trek: Phaser Strike."


Which console was the first to feature a "Star Wars" video game?

It was an interactive version of "The Empire Strikes Back."


Which franchise has grossed more money at the Hollywood box office?

At around $5.8 billion, "Star Wars" outpaces "Star Trek" by about $4 billion.


As of 2016, how many "Star Wars" movies are there?

2017 and 2019 will expand the franchise's number to 10.


As of 2016, how many "Star Trek" movies are there?

The decade head start means "Star Trek" had a jump on "Star Wars" in terms of film quantity.


A scene that supposedly mimicked Nazi propaganda appeared in which franchise?

When Han, Luke and Chewbacca stroll through the lines of Rebel forces, the imagery is eerily similar.


Which franchise has the greater number of TV films?

There are three. None of them are considered part of the canon.


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