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They can be infuriating in their logic and expressionless in the face of extreme danger. How much do you know about "Star Trek's" Vulcan race?

Vulcans are committed to eliminating what from their lives?

They value logic over emotion in every scenario, and they strive to banish violence from their culture.


In Vulcan culture, what is the "katra?"

As with the human soul, not all Vulcans are convinced that the katra is real.


Spock is part Vulcan and part what other species?

When Spock is born, his father remarks at how human he appears to be.


What color is Vulcan blood?

It gets its emerald hue from the copper coursing through it.


What is almost always a requirement for Vulcans to establish a mind meld?

However, there are examples of mind melds that occur without any sort of skin-to-skin touching.


What happens to a katra when a Vulcan dies?

The person who receives the katra gains the knowledge of that Vulcan's life, but the process had to be followed precisely in order for it to work.


The katra of a Vulcan named Surak winds up in the mind of which Starfleet captain?

Archer reclaims his mind and body as his own after the katra is passed to a Vulcan mystic.


Why are Vulcans vegetarians?

However, in their earlier days Vulcans ate meat, and a lot of it.


Vulcans were the first to find a civilization in the Gamma Quadrant. Which species did they find?

The Wadi were easy to identify because they had tattoo-like markings on their foreheads.


Why did Sarek end his relationship with his son, Spock, for nearly 20 years?

In hindsight, it must have seemed like a rather illogical thing to do.


In Vulcans, what is the purpose of the nictitating membrane?

On Earth, many species, such as birds, use these membranes to keep their eyes moist without obscuring their vision.


Bendii Syndrome is a degenerative disease that affects which Vulcan bodily system?

It often manifests itself as uncontrollable emotion; it most often affects the elderly.


T-negative is an exceptionally rare Vulcan blood type.

But as luck would have it, Spock has T-negative blood, a fact that allowed him to offer his blood to Sarek during an emergency surgery.


What was the name of Spock's human mother?

When he was young, Spock was constantly teased for being half human.


What is the purpose of Vulcan finger touching?

Humans kiss; Vulcans touch fingers.


In Vulcan culture, what is "pon farr?"

Vulcans considered mating a very private affair and do not share details with anyone.


What happened to Vulcans if they did not mate during the time of pon farr?

Their bodies undergo serious chemical shifts, and they can perish if they don't mate.


How often do Vulcans experience the pon farr cycle?

If they can't find mates during pon farr, medical treatment can alleviate the symptoms and saves their lives.


What was the purpose of a katric ark?

It's a little like a coffin for the Vulcan mind.


Vulcan society is conditioned to believe that individual needs are of paramount importance.

Vulcans logically always choose the needs of the many over the needs of the few.


Who was the first Vulcan to serve on a human ship for a prolonged period of time?

But she started her career serving with the Vulcan Ministry of Security.


What was Syrran's major life achievement?

He was the leader of the Syrrannites, who fought the corrosive influence of Romulans as they perverted Surak's teachings.


In Vulcan language, what does "fal-tor-pan" mean?

It refers to the process of reintegrating a Vulcan katra with the body.


What is a "sehlat?"

They were both wild and domesticated and Vulcan families often kept them as (potentially vicious) pets.


How do Vulcans pursue the taming of their emotions?

They train their minds to use logic, hoping to stave off the destructive power of emotions.


Which Vulcan is the first to take command of a human spacecraft?

She rises to the occasion when Captain Archer loses the ability to captain the Enterprise.


Which character supports Spock's katra until it can be reintegrated with Spock's body?

He keeps hold of the katra for four days and then the "Star Trek" family is made whole when Spock rejoins the team.


What is Kiri-kin-tha's First Law of Metaphysics?

Kiri-kin-tha was, like so many Vulcans, a believer in the teaching of Surak.


Which species corrupted the Vulcan government by surreptitiously warping the wisdom of Surak?

The Romulan-Vulcan conflict has raged on and off for many years.


Spock famously said that, "Insufficient facts always invite WHAT?"

Gathering all of the facts, of course, is part of the process of making a logical decision.


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