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As "Star Wars" recaptures the box office with a new set of movies, it's a good time to review your knowledge of the "Star Wars" universe. Do you know the places and things characters visit and talk about in the movies? Test your knowledge now with the "Star Wars" lingo quiz!

Who or what is a Gungan?

The Gungan society exists almost entirely underwater, though their bipedal physiology allows them to walk above ground. Jar Jar Binks, a polarizing character in "Star Wars" fan circles, is a Gungan.

What is the source of a Jedi's power?

The Force is described as an energy source, a way of being and the thing that binds the universe together. Jedi tap into the Force during their training and use its power to accomplish great things.

What is an Ewok?

Ewoks are the native inhabitants of Endor. Though technologically inferior to the races which wage battle on their planet, they too fight against the Empire.

What kind of weapon is Han Solo known to wield?

Solo is known for his use of the blaster pistol, the high-tech evolution of a regular gun. The weapon suits his quick-draw, high-stakes type of behavior.

What terrible weapon created by the Empire destroyed the planet of Alderaan?

The Death Star, a weapon the size of the moon, was equipped with a laser weapon powerful enough to destroy an entire planet. Behind its construction was Senator Palpatine, the Sith Lord disguised as a politician.

What is a Wookiee?

Han Solo's trusty sidekick, Chewbacca, is a member of the Wookiee species. Many Wookiees were enslaved by the Empire to work in mines after Palpatine's betrayal.

What type of starfighter is used by the Rebel alliance?

X-wing fighters, like most Rebel technology, are not the newest or most advanced vehicles in the war. But that doesn't make them sitting ducks - they're able to produce enough speed and firepower for Skywalker to destroy the Death Star!

On Hoth, the rebels tamed which animal to bear them on patrols?

Tauntauns made great company during the freezing days on Hoth, since they helped their riders stay warm. Luke is riding a tauntaun when he is caught in the snowstorm.

The troops loyal to the Empire, typically dressed in white, are called what?

Stormtroopers are the men and women who serve the Empire. Fans frequently make fun of their apparent inability to hit their target, especially when that target is a main character.

What does "AT-AT" stand for?

The AT-AT walkers first appeared in "Episode V." The long-legged armored tanks are both effective weapons and troops transport vehicles.

What organization controlled most commercial operations in the galaxy, particularly in the Rim territories?

The Trade Federation held a tight grip on the transportation of goods in a considerable portion of the known galaxy. The Federation was behind the attack on Naboo, though they denied this in the Senate.

What is the vehicle that young Anakin races on his home planet of Tatooine?

Anakin rebuilds his own podracer using spare parts and manages to win a race that results in his freedom. Podracing is a dangerous sport that can easily lead to death in the treacherous sands of Tatooine.

Which clan was the "Star Wars" version of the Mafia?

Jabba the Hutt is the most well-known member of the Hutt clan to "Star Wars" fans. The Hutts ran many illegal businesses and smuggling operations to accumulate their great wealth.

When "Star Wars" fans mention the Millennium Falcon, they're talking about what?

While it's occasionally mistaken for a junk ship, the Falcon is actually a powerful ship capable of outrunning plenty of newer models. While the hyperdrive is known to be unreliable at times, the Falcon's performance is unmatched, thanks to Han and Chewbacca's tinkering.

What kind of droid is C-3PO?

Protocol droids are humanoid - programmed in both mannerisms and appearance to be similar to humans. C-3PO, with his constant worrying about Luke and his friends, certainly qualifies.

What is a Jedi's typical weapon of choice?

Jedi usually construct their own lightsabers, using the Force, as a right of passage in the order. A Jedi loyal to the cause typically wields a blue or green saber, while those who follow the dark side enjoy red lightsabers.

Which of the following can be done with a Jedi mind trick?

Jedi mind tricks rely upon the Jedi's superior strength of mind over the person being tricked. The Jedi gives a weaker-minded person a powerful suggestion that may replace their observations of reality.

What is the name of the furry creatures that serve as mounts for the Tusken Raiders?

Banthas, with their long, shaggy fur, look like walking carpets in the desert. These beasts are incredibly loyal to the raiders who populate the wastelands of Tatooine.

What are the robots of the "Star Wars" universe called?

Droids are everywhere in the "Star Wars" universe and perform many different functions, from servicing aircraft to fighting in intergalactic wars. R2-D2, BB8, and C-3PO are all famous "Star Wars" droids.

Which natural predator from Hoth looks a bit like a bipedal polar bear with horns?

When Luke is on patrol, he's attacked by a wampa, a ferocious carnivore with horns, fangs, claws and a thick coat of fur. The wampa hung him up in its cave for later munching, but didn't count on Luke having a lightsaber.

Which of the following accurately describes the Jedi?

The Jedi, an order of powerful people who dedicate their lives to keeping the peace, are a main focus of the "Star Wars" movies. Their battles, their strategies and their betrayals shape the fate of the universe.

Jabba the Hutt enjoyed tossing prisoners into the sandy maw of which monster?

The sarlacc, an enormous tentacled beast that buries itself in the sand, almost made a meal of Han Solo. Instead, Jabba's flunkies fell into its jaws in a skirmish with Solo and Luke Skywalker.

Which of the following ships did the Empire have at its disposal at one point in time?

While the Death Star is the Empire's crowning jewel, its fleet boasts of many other powerful ships. The Star Destroyers were some of the most deadly, often occupied by high-ranking officials and loaded down with weaponry.

The Sando Aqua monster, which posed a threat to Anakin and company, lives in the depths of which planet?

The sea monster known as the Sando Aqua monster resides on Naboo, Padme's home planet. The monster is approximately two hundred meters in length!

What does a parsec measure?

Han Solo's famous line about the Falcon making the Kessel Run in under twelve parsecs has caused an endless debate among fans as to what he could mean. A parsec refers to a certain distance (not a certain time), so what does it really mean to complete the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs? Only Han knows!

What is a death stick?

In a famous scene, Elan Sleazebaggano (yes, that is canon) asks Obi-Wan Kenobi to buy some death sticks. The Jedi instead tries to convince Elan to rethink his life, since death sticks are extremely dangerous, addictive, illegal drugs.

To what order does Anakin defect?

The Sith choose the dark side of the Force, rather than the light. Their goal is galactic domination and power, by any means necessary.

What is the name of the capital city of the entire galaxy?

Coruscant, the city that covers an entire planet, is the galaxy's capital city, housing each new governmental power and serving as the Jedi base of operation.

Which hidden planet was the source of the Empire's clone army?

The Kaminoans used the genetic material of assassin Jango Fett to create a clone army, ostensibly under Jedi orders. The army's creation was shrouded in mystery, but the Republic was happy to claim it for their own use.

Where are midi-chlorians?

The concept of midi-chlorians entered the "Star Wars" universe in "Episode I," when Qui-Gon Jinn noticed an astonishingly high count in Anakin's cells. Midi-chlorians are in tune with the Force and act as a gateway between a person and the Force, meaning people with higher counts in their blood due to heredity find it easier to become Jedi.

Which swift vehicle was a favorite of Count Dooku?

Speeders (or speederbikes) hover over the ground and can outrace many planet-bound vehicles. It is the perfect escape vehicle for one or two people.

R2-D2 is what type of droid?

R2-D2's original purpose is to help pilot a fighter and perform small repairs if necessary during flight. He's capable of much more than just ship repairs, however, and his assistance proves invaluable to the "Star Wars" cast.

What is it called when the Sith shoot bolts of electricity from their fingertips?

Force lightning is supposedly fueled by the hatred and belligerence of the Sith who wields it. Palpatine showed an especially strong mastery of Force lightning in the movies.

What nickname was given to the energy balls used by Gungans to fight?

Boomas are particularly effective against electrical equipment and droids. The Gungans enthusiastically catapult them toward walkers, troop transports and more, when in battle.

What holographic game does Chewbacca (and many other "Star Wars" travelers) enjoy playing?

The game is a way to pass time during long space travels, but Wookies like Chewbacca are known to become violent upon losing a game.

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