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"Star Wars" is something we hold close to our hearts, and it has a lot of pull with our wallets, too. How many credits would you shell out for the latest "Star Wars" swag? And how much money has "Star Wars" made for its creators?

How much money did "Star Wars" rake in during its first weekend in theatrical wide release?

Ticket sales for \"Star Wars\" sound paltry by today's standards -- its opening weekend box office total was just over $1.5 million. Try not to compare that to the $108 million total for \"Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.\"


When "Star Wars" made it back into the theater in 1997, what was its opening weekend take?

The weekend box office total for the 1997 re-release was more than $36 million -- but it played on about 50 times as many screens as in 1977.


How much was the original budget to produce "Star Wars"?

The original budget for \"Star Wars\" was a cool 8 million late-'70s dollars.


How much of that $8 million went to Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) for the special effects?

Maybe all those desert scenes were a byproduct of only having $3 million left of the budget for anything besides ILM's tab. And yet, the 1997 release involved improving on those multimillion-dollar special effects.


Before "Star Wars," how many films made more than $100 million at the box office?

How many people saw \"Star Wars\" more than once because they were still afraid to go to the beach after the previous $100-million movie, \"Jaws\"?


How much was star Mark Hamill charging for his autograph at WonderCon 2009?

That $100 autograph may have cost Hamill some pride -- Wired put together a photo feature of other goods for sale at the con using the $100 \"Hamill\" as a unit of currency.


Auction house Profiles in History sold a Darth Vader fighting helmet in 2003. What was the final price?

It might sound like a lot, but … OK, $115,000 sounds like a lot no matter how awesome the helmet is.


Lego's Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon has more than 5,000 pieces and lets you build a 33-inch (84-centimeter) version of the ship. So how much does it cost?

According to the official Lego store, the bricks to build that piece of junk will run you almost $500, before tax.


Sideshow Collectibles makes life-size fiberglass statues of C-3PO and R2-D2. How much does it cost for the pair?

Sold separately, the droids are $5,950 and $5,450, with C-3PO being the slightly more expensive.


Want a 1:2 scale bronze statue of Darth Vader? You can totally have one! Now how much do you need to save up?

The bronze statue, from Sideshow Collectibles, costs $18,000.


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