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Think New York City is the state capital of New York? Then you may have a bit of trouble with this state capitals quiz. Give it a shot and learn a little something along the way. (The state capital of New York is Albany, by the way.)

Michigan's state capital is located at the headwaters of the Grand and Red Cedar Rivers. What city is it?

Michigan's state capital is Lansing.


Which city has been the state capital of Vermont since 1805?

The state capital of Vermont is Montpelier.


North Carolina's state capital is named after a famous explorer. Who is it?

North Carolina's capital of Raleigh is named after English explorer Sir Walter Raleigh.


Texas' state capital is also home to the University of Texas. What's the name of this city?

Austin is the capital of Texas.


Which state has a capital of Topeka, as well as other cities including Leavenworth, Overland Park and Dodge City?

Kansas calls Topeka its state capital and also counts Dodge City, Overland Park and Leavenworth among its other towns.


California's capital city has a major newspaper called the Bee. Which city is it?

Sacramento, California's capital, boasts a newspaper called the Sacramento Bee.


Bismarck is the capital of what state?

Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota


Which state's capital is Frankfort?

Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky


What's the state capital of Pennsylvania?

Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania


Which state's capital lies closest to the Okefenokee Swamp?

Florida's capital of Tallahassee lies closest to the Okefenokee.


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