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Steak can be prepared in many ways, and beef comes in all kinds of cuts. Do you know your rib-eyes from your T-bones? Take this quiz to see how much of a steak connoisseur you are.

In the United States, the word "steak" is most commonly used to refer to which sort of animal flesh?

Beefsteaks are prized for their flavor and nutrition. High-end steakhouses draw crowds with the best cuts.


Tenderloin is also known by what other name?

Filet mignon, one of the best cuts of beef, is also called "chateaubriand" or simply "filet."


What is the most common cooking method for beefsteaks?

Grilling, whether over charcoal or gas flame, is one of the most popular methods for cooking a steak.


What is one of the shortcomings of skirt steak?

The fibrous nature of skirt steak is evident at a glance; it must be cut very thinly to counter its chewiness.


Why is the filet mignon cut thicker than most other steaks?

The shape of the filet makes it smaller than many steaks, so butchers compensate by cutting them into thick pieces.


True or false: Beefsteaks are almost always cut perpendicular to the grain of the meat.

Butchers slice the steaks perpendicular to the grain in most cases, but there are exceptions, such as skirt steak.


Which cut of steak is often used to make beef jerky?

Round steaks are often too tough for many diners, so they're frequently used to create delicious beef jerky.


How is Salisbury steak created?

Hamburger is smashed into a steak shape in order to make Salisbury steak.


With regards to steak preparation, what is "swissing"?

Swiss steak is so named because it is full of holes from the tenderizing process.


The Kansas City strip is more commonly known by what name?

New York (or KC) strips typically have a strip of fat on one side and a full beefy flavor.


Chuck-eye steak is often considered a more affordable version of which cut?

With its plentiful marbling and intense flavor, chuck-eyes are often an overlooked cut.


A dish called London broil typically uses which cut of steak?

London broil isn't consistently applied to a specific cut, but when it is, it is often round steak, particularly in the U.S.


True or false: A porterhouse steak is also called a "T-bone."

The unmistakable triangle shape of the T-bone includes a T-shaped bone running through the center. A porterhouse, however, will typically have more meat and less bone than a T-bone.


What is the minimum width of the tenderloin section in order for a T-bone to be classified as a porterhouse?

Any less than 1.25 inches and butchers must classify the cut as a T-bone instead of a porterhouse.


Why are some steaks dry-aged?

As the steak ages, the connective tissue breaks down, making it easier to cut and consume.


Why can steak be served rare, unlike so many other meats?

Unlike chicken, for example, steak doesn't create a haven for germs that make people sick. Proper handling, of course, is still required.


For the best results, you should generally cook a ranch steak to what level of doneness?

If you cook a ranch steak past medium, it may turn into a tough and inedible piece of shoe leather.


Flank steak is cut from which part of the cow?

These steaks can be tough, so its important to slice them against the grain, otherwise you'll spend hours chewing your meal.


Delmonico is another name for which cut of steak?

The heavily marbled rib-eye cut is known for its intense juicy, beefy flavor.


Dry-aged steaks are usually aged for a minimum of how long?

The minimum is about three weeks, and some will age for up to six weeks.


What aspect of hanger steaks makes them so desirable to some diners?

It is similar to flank steak and has full flavor that many people enjoy.


"Butcher's heart" is another name for which steak cut?

Ball tip steaks aren't as tender as some cuts, but they are cheaper and packed with beefy flavor.


What often happens to round steaks when you grill them?

These are very lean cuts that often dry out when cooks attempt to grill them.


From which part of the cow are sirloin steaks cut?

Cut from the rear, sirloin steaks are typically divided into several other steaks, such as the top sirloin.


Chicken-fried steak is made from which cut of meat?

Usually made from top sirloin or top round, cube steaks are mechanically tenderized to make them more edible.


Rib-eye steaks are cut from which portion of the meat?

Prime rib, when not cut into rib-eye steaks, often contains a good amount of fat and may be served with the bones, too.


Rare steak is cooked to what temperature?

A rare steak has a temperature of about 130 degrees, whereas a well-done steak comes in at around 165 degrees.


True or false: Bottom sirloin has plenty of marbling.

Bottom sirloin is tougher and leaner than many of the choicer steak cuts.


Top blade steaks are often called what?

Many people consider flat iron steaks to be second only to filets in terms of tenderness.


Which cut is actually considered a roast?

If it's cut before cooking, it's rib-eye; if it's cut after cooking, it's prime rib, a type of roast.


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