Quiz: How Much Do You Remember About "Steel Magnolias"?
How Much Do You Remember About "Steel Magnolias"?
By: J. Reinoehl
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"Steel Magnolias" is a timeless classic for mothers and daughters. It is the true story written by Robert Harling as a devotion to his sister's memory. Grab a tissue because this "Steel Magnolias" quiz might bring a tear to your eye.

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Which of the ladies was married to Spud?
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What did Shelby find that her brothers were going to put on her honeymoon car?
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Which actress played Annelle?
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What shape was the groom's cake?
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What kind of drink did Sammy make for Annelle at the reception?
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What was Jackson getting Shelby for Christmas?
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What shocking news did Shelby give her mother at Christmas?
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"The sanctuary looks like it's been hosed down with ____________."
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What holiday did they celebrate during the wedding at the beginning of the movie?
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Who did Shelby bring to the Christmas party to fix up with Mrs. Ouiser?
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Finish the quote "Well, that's why God invented ______________________."
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What did Truvy do to Shelby's hair that upset her?
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During the summer when Jack, Jr. was one, what did Annelle keep doing that drove Sammy crazy.
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What did Owen Jenkins send Ouiser at least twice a week?
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On which holiday did Shelby collapse?
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Sally Field played which character?
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Who did Clairee say M'Lynn should hit?
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Who drove Sammy to the hospital when Annelle went into labor?
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