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The famed theoretical physicist has been changing our perspectives of the universe for decades. How much do you know about Stephen Hawking?

In the early 1970s, Hawking proposed that a black hole's event horizon can never do what?

He later backtracked and accepted that black hole entropy was probably a thing


Hawking had some of the worst grades in his class. What was his school nickname?

Despite his poor grades, his classmates knew he was whip-smart.


Which invention did Hawking say might be the end of our species?

Unless we can control those artificial minds, he said, the risks may outweigh the benefits.


Which band used samples of Hawking's electronic voice in a song?

Pink Floyd used samples of Hawking's voice, which is fitting for a band that is often categorized as space rock.


Hawking radiation is a type of radiation that is predicted to be emitted by what?

The phenomenon is also sometimes called "black hole evaporation."


How long was Hawking's book, "A Brief History of Time," on the Sunday Times best-seller list?

It was on the list for 237 weeks, a record-breaking run.


Hawking has said which of the following should be considered a form of life?

He said that the viruses are destructive and perhaps a glimpse into what humans are really like.


Which life event does Hawking credit as making him focusing his energies on his studies?

He said his dire diagnosis helped him focus his mental and emotional energy.


Which major publication called Hawking "Master of the Universe"?

Newsweek's compliment may have helped grow Hawking's ego.


What is the name of the disease that Hawking has?

Lou Gehrig's disease causes stiff muscles and, eventually, problems with speaking, swallowing and breathing.


After he was diagnosed, how long did doctors give Hawking to live?

He has outlived their two-year expectation many times over.


How old was Hawking when he was diagnosed?

He was in his last year of college when doctors gave him the news.


Regarding the possibility that extraterrestrial beings may come to Earth, Hawking worries that what might happen?

He likens an alien encounter to Christopher Columbus' negative impact on natives in the New World.


Which team did Hawking join during his time at college?

He was fairly reckless on the rowing team and wound up damaging multiple boats.


When he was a teenager, Hawking built what from spare parts?

Hawking built a computer from spare parts, demonstrating high intelligence from an early age.


Why did Hawking's mother leave London during her pregnancy?

London was a hazardous place to live during World War II and was subject to Nazi bombing raids.


Hawking divorced his first wife to be with whom?

His family worried that the nurse was overly controlling and perhaps abusive.


Hawking helped start an organization called Breakthrough Initiatives, which is dedicated to what?

Hawking is certain that there is other life in the universe.


Hawking's father initially wanted him to go into what field?

Hawking's father wanted him to go into the medical field. His mother, however, had a feeling he would pursue other interests.


In which book did Hawking finally indicate that he did not believe a god created the universe?

He proposed a god wasn't necessary to spark the beginnings of the universe in "The Grand Design."


Using his cheek muscles and a computer system, Hawking can communicate at what speed?

Hawking can communicate one word per minute. It is an arduous system but one that he accepts.


What did Hawking say likely happens to information that's pulled into black holes?

The proposal that the info is permanently lost was at odds with quantum mechanics.


Hawking was born exactly 300 years after what famous historical figure died?

Both he and Galileo ran afoul of established ideas in both secular and religious society.


Which actor played Hawking in a biographical film called "The Theory of Everything"?

He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his work


On which TV show did Hawking appear as a hologram of himself?

In the "Star Trek" scene he plays cards with Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton.


The Hurtle-Hawking state proposes that what did not exist before the Big Bang?

Thus, it is meaningless to think of the universe's genesis in terms of time.


Billionaire Richard Branson helped Hawking do what?

Hawking experienced zero gravity on a specially equipped plane and called it "amazing."


Which concepts did Hawking add to the 1996 edition of "A Brief History of Time"?

The book attempted to explain wormholes and time travel in ways that were easy to understand.


What did Hawking propose would happen if the universe stopped expanding?

Later, he retracted his statements about time running backward due to contrary evidence.


Hawking incorrectly stated that which particle would never be found?

He was wrong — the existence of the Higgs boson was confirmed in 2013.


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