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Stephen King plummeted into to the darkest part of our childhood minds for the terrifying story that is "It." How much do you know about this creepy book and TV miniseries?

What is "it"?

The constantly transforming creature assumes the form of the victim's greatest fears.


Which character does Seth Green play?

Green plays the childhood version of Richie.


How many novels had Stephen King published before the printing of "It?"

Stephen King is nothing if not incredibly prolific.


The story features an epic fight between children who use which weapon?

Like children sometimes do, they form opposing sides and hurl rocks in an apocalyptic clash.


After the creature kills its victims, how does it discard of their bodies?

King certainly knows how to attack the psyches of his readership.


Who plays the role of It in the TV miniseries?

Curry received positive reviews for his ability to capture the creepiness and deviousness of It.


How many pages are there in the novel "It?"

King's books often take on bone-breaking physical proportions.


What is the name of the club that the town kids form?

The book, like so many others, is tinged with a bit of melancholic nihilism.


How many children are a part of The Losers' Club?

But in the end, only five are present to attack the nightmarish creature that has twisted their lives.


How does little George Denbrough perish?

The demon snags the boy's limb by reaching out of its sewer lair, causing fatal injuries.


"Trashmouth" is the nickname for which character?

He is loud, vulgar and hilarious.


At the beginning of the book, in which decade does the novel take place?

The story shifts back and forth from the 50s to the 1980s.


How does Henry Bowers psychologically attack Mike Hanlon?

Bowers directs incredibly racist hostility towards Mike at multiple times during the story.


Who plays the role of Bev in the TV miniseries?

She even has Bev's red hair.


In which state does the story take place?

The story takes root in Derry, a fictional headquarters for many King tales.


Which of the boys is nicknamed "Haystack?"

Ben begins his life overweight and insecure but eventually sheds the excess pounds and finds success.


Which of the children is the most skeptical as to the existence of It?

He cannot accept the existence of It as a child, and he can't fathom it as an adult, either.


What is the name of the clown character?

Pennywise brings to life some of humankind's worst nightmares.


Beverly has a childhood crush on which member of The Losers' Club?

All of the boys are drawn to Bev, but she has eyes mostly for Bill.


Which of the children is the only one to stay in Derry into adulthood?

He becomes the town librarian and is seriously wounded before the climactic battle.


Why does Stan commit suicide?

After Mike calls him and tells him to come back to Derry, Stan decides to end his personal torment.


In what year did the "It" TV miniseries debut?

The show won a Primetime Emmy for its excellent (and creepy) music composition.


How long was the TV miniseries?

Some critics panned the second half as a melodramatic letdown that failed to capitalize on the sinister start.


What is the Legion of Decency?

The group sets fire to a bar frequented by blacks; the plot line is one of many social commentaries in the story.


What happens to the bully named Henry Bowers?

After tormenting the Derry kids for years, Henry finally found himself on the wrong side of karma; he is eventually killed in a knife fight.


In the final battle scene, what form does It take?

The terrifying spider proves to be deadly but vulnerable.


In the TV series, who plays the role of Ben?

Yes, the goofball from "Three's Company" took a plunge into the dark side with this show.


What does It call itself?

It seeps into the entire existence of the town, threatening the lives (and probably the souls) of its inhabitants.


How does Beverly finally kill the spider-like creature?

Her trusty slingshot helps her put down the creature once and for all.


What does Stan write in blood on the bathroom wall?

The nightmare of It ends, but only for Stan; the other adults must carry the burden for the rest of their lives.


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