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A strangeness overtakes this quite Maine town and all sorts of horrors ensue. How much do you know about Stephen King's "Salem's Lot?"

Both of the TV miniseries based on the book featured how many episodes?

And they were both almost identical in length, at around 180 minutes.


What's the name of the story's primary protagonist?

He has suffered a tragic loss that propels him back to the town of his youth.


What tragic event marks Ben's life before his return to 'Salem's Lot?

He decides to take a breather from his career after Miranda dies.


How does Susan meet Ben?

She introduces herself, and they are immediately drawn to one another.


When Ben arrives, what is happening to the town's citizens?

A sadistic vampire named Kurt Barlow is hunting and transforming the locals into more blood-sucking monsters.


King has said the book was inspired by what?

Politicians, like vampires, seemed to be sucking the life out of everyone.


What type of vampire is Kurt Barlow?

In King's books, these are the most intelligent and powerful vampires.


If a normal human drinks the blood of a Type One vampire, what ability do they supposedly gain?

And if you're trying to fight them, this is an indispensable skill.


Which of the TV shows offers a representation of Barlow that's truer to the book's character?

In 2004, Barlow is portrayed as a mostly normal-man, just like the book.


What is Ben's occupation?

Like King has at times, Ben is struggling with writer's block when he arrives in the town.


In which year was "'Salem's Lot" published?

At more than four decades old, the book is still scaring the pants off of King's fans.


Who plays the role of Ben in the 1979 miniseries?

He also appeared in nearly 100 episodes of "Starsky and Hutch."


What is the subject of the book Ben is writing while he's in 'Salem's Lot?

It's a spooky old house that has always fired up his imagination.


Which publishing company released "Salem's Lot?"

Scribner/Simon & Schuster now has the rights to most of King's work.


What sort of business does Barlow open as a cover story for his arrival in the town?

He lives there with his assistant, Richard Straker, who enables many of Barlow's evil plots.


What was the book's original title?

The publisher changed it because the original title had too many religious overtones.


How does Ben's lover Susan die?

Barlow turns her into a vampire, forcing Ben to pound a stake through her heart.


Why is Barlow able to attack Father Callahan even though he's armed with a cross?

Barlow recognizes the man's shaky faith and is able to take advantage.


How many pages are in the first edition of "'Salem's Lot?"

Early in the author's career, his books tended to be shorter and more concise than his contemporary behemoths.


How does the 1979 TV miniseries end?

The melancholy ending is much different than the book's epilogue.


What role does Richard Straker play in the story?

He ships Barlow to the town so that he can begin his bloodthirsty rampage.


Before he returns as an adult, how long has Ben Mears been away from the town?

An entire generation has passed before he returns to the town of his childhood.


How does Barlow get rid of Father Callahan?

Thus made "unclean," Callahan is forced to give up the fight and flee to New York City.


After looking back on his body of work, what has King said about "'Salem's Lot?"

King has said multiple times that it is one of his favorite creations.


How old is Mark, the character who tries to help Ben kill Kurt Barlow?

He's young, but Mark manages to escape the evil clutches of Barlow multiple times.


From which country did Kurt Barlow originate?

His cover story is that he's in the town to open a new business.


How many books had Stephen King published before "'Salem's Lot?"

It was only his second novel; the first was "Carrie."


How does Mark Petrie fend off Barlow's first attack?

Barlow isn't easily intimidated, though, he tries again to nab the young boy.


Who plays Kurt Barlow in the 2004 TV miniseries?

And Rob Lowe, of course, plays Ben.


To which country do Mark and Ben flee after escaping the vampires?

Later, they return and try to set the town on fire to kill the vampires once and for all.


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