Stock a Toy Store and We'll Guess When You'll Have Your First Child

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We all have a favorite toy that we remember from childhood, or possibly a few such toys. Whether we recall playing LEGO with our dads or building a massive Brio train set with our moms, learning to shoot a Super-Soaker with Grandma, cracking the Turing Tumble with our aunt, cuddling a stuffed toy from an uncle or building a model airplane with an older sibling, toys are an essential part of the narrative of our upbringing. The best toys won't necessarily be the most expensive, as it's really all about your imagination and how the other kids and adults in your life engage with you.

This means, of course, that no matter his or her budget or family setup, a toy store can be a veritable smorgasbord of wonder to a child—and how an adult chooses to stock a toy store tells us a lot about how soon and in what way they want to instill wonder in said child. After all, if you're not planning to have children for a while, you'll probably focus on adult-friendly toys like Warhammer and model planes. If, on the other hand, you've been parenting for a few years already, you'll lean toward the categories like "Anything that buys me a little quiet," "Whatever they want" and "Stuff that doesn't rot their brains!" If you're somewhere between the two extremes, you may prefer a mix. Tell us how you'd stock your dream toy store, and we'll figure out when your first baby will be joining us—or if they already have!

Which toy franchise is not permitted in your store?

What music is playing in the room?

What giant display has prominent pride of place?

What is the biggest stuffed toy?

Do you have a place for the kids to play with toys in-store?

Do you have a few mobiles to choose from?

What entertainer is present?

If you can only have one out of Barbie and Bratz, which do you choose?

How much LEGO is there?

How much Playmobil is present?

What classes will kids take in your toy store?

Are there are any items specially for preemies?

Will you stock model airplanes and/or drones?

Have you got the dreaded "pink aisle" just for girls?

Will you have a lot of traditional toys, like model railways?

How much of the store is taken up books?

What board game is an absolute must?

What's the most expensive toy you'll sell?

How large is the video game section?

Will there be a candy section?

What educational toy will you surely include?

Will you stock weapons such as toy guns and knives?

Will you have any toys for teens, such as sporting goods, bikes, etc.?

What action figure can you not do without?

What regular event will kids come to the store for?

What toy will you encourage every parent to get at least one of for their child?

What toy will you stock but secretly hope nobody buys?

How much of the store will the arts-and-crafts section take up?

What facilities will you have to keep a child safe who has become separated from their parent or guardian?

Will you have a lot of fancy dress available?

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