Quiz: Stock Your Dream Garage and We'll Guess the Color of Your Current Car
Stock Your Dream Garage and We'll Guess the Color of Your Current Car
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: mevans/E+/Gettyimages

About This Quiz

There are dreams, and then there is reality. When General Motors put out the Chevrolet Bolt, they didn't expect it to sell. It was supposed to sit on a plinth in front of the Chevy dealers, mesmerizing buyers who would come in, balk at the price, and buy a Chevy Volt instead. Lots of car makers do this. Even Mercedes-Benz has their Maybach line, which the ultra-rich can look at, and then think "Wait, an extra hundred grand for curtains and marginally fancier leather? What are you smoking?"

You probably don't daily drive a BMW M3. This is just a fact. Your car is, in some way, a compromise. Perhaps you were excited to get a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, but realized they can't go off road, and thought how silly you'd feel in winter, when it couldn't climb a pile of snow. So you got the diesel, with its piddling 200 or so horses, and that's just fine because really, you are an adult. This is likely borne out in other areas of your life. Your clothes aren't the most expensive of their available type. Your watch is a device that tells time, but selling it wouldn't pay for your kids' college tuition.

Today, you get to focus on your garage. How would you set it up? Obviously, there are tools you'd want, but what else? Have you ever seen the garages of the super-wealthy? It's like looking at one of those evolution posters, except instead of apes and a human, you have generations of Porsche 911s. So what'll it be? Live out your decorating fantasy and we'll guess what color car you drive!

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What sort of covering would you have for the floors of your garage?

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What sort of lighting setup would you have?

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How would you set things up so you can get under your car?

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How much room would you set aside for cars in your garage?

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Other than the main floor, what other spaces exist in your garage?

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What brand of machinist toolbox would you get?

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What emergency heating solution would you keep on hand?

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What kind of lubricant would you definitely keep on hand?

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What brand of powered drill would you buy?

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What tool would you have for keeping your garage clean?

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What security would you install for your garage?

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What kind of entertainment system would you definitely need for your garage?

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Which of the following would you put in your garage?

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