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Most tourist have attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon or Disney World on their to-do list while traveling around North America. But there are many stranger tourist sites that capture the attention of thousands of curious travelers each year. You man not have heard of some of them, but these strange and wonderful attractions help to put their hometowns on the map and boost the local economy. Take this quiz to learn more about some of the weirdest tourist attractions.

The House on the Rock is an architectural oddity. How many windows are there in the Infinity Room?

There are 3,264 windows in the Infinity Room of the House on the Rock, which is located in Spring Green, Wisconsin. The house was built in the 1940s by Alex Jordan, an eccentric artist, who used the house as a vacation home until he turned it into a museum in 1961.


The world's largest _______ can be found in the surrounding complex of the House on the Rock.

The surrounding complex of the House on the Rock is home to a miniature circus and the world's largest carousel.


How long will the Crazy Horse Memorial be once it is finished?

The Crazy Horse Memorial is a carving from rock, depicting the legendary Native American warrior on horseback. It was started by Korczak Ziolkowski in 1948 and Ziolkowski's family members continue to carve the statue, which will measure 641 feet (195 meters) in length and be 563 feet tall when it is completed.


What is the town of Metropolis famous for?

In 1972, the people of Metropolis, Illinois, decided to capitalize on their hometown's famous name and called it the "Hometown of Superman."


In what year was a statue of Superman erected in Metropolis?

In 1986, Superman Square was decorated with a 7-foot tall statue of Superman. However, this statue was later replaced with a 15-foot (4.6-meter) bronze statue in 1993.


Chuck the Channel Cat of Selkirk, Manitoba, promotes Selkirk as the capital of what?

The people of Selkirk erected Chuck the Channel Cat as a tribute to the large catfish found in the area. The monument is supposed to promote Selkirk as the "Catfish Capital."


If you are fishing in Selkirk, you are likely to reel in a catfish of up to __ pounds.

Catfish of up to 30-plus pounds are regularly caught on the Red River in Selkirk.


What are the fir beams that make up the world's largest hockey stick reinforced with?

The world's largest hockey stick and puck are located in Duncan, British Columbia. The stick is made of Douglas fir beams, reinforced with steel, and is 205 feet long and weighs 61,000 pounds.


What is the name of the world's largest bull?

Albert, the world's largest bull, is located in Audubon, Iowa. Made of concrete, Albert is 30 feet tall and weighs 45 tons.


What was used to make the internal steel frame of Albert the bull?

Albert's internal steel frame was made out of dismantled windmills.


Lucy the Elephant of Margate, New Jersey, is an example of what type of architecture?

Lucy the Elephant is the only example of zoomorphic architecture left in the United States. The elephant was built as a real-estate promotion in 1881. She has staircases winding through her legs and rooms inside her body. At first she served as a summer home, then a tavern, hotel and now she remains a tourist attraction.


What size shoe does the Jolly Green Giant statue wear?

The Jolly Green Giant is a 55-foot-tall statue and was a symbol of the Green Giant food company. The statue has been located in Blue Earth, Minnesota since 1979 and wears a size 78 shoe.


What is the Mitchell Corn Palace made from?

Since the construction of the original Corn Palace in 1892, every year during the fall harvest the people of Mitchell, South Dakota, recreate the palace out of corn and other South Dakota grains, proudly declaring themselves the "Corn Capital of the World."


Who cleans up the corn palace after the fall harvest?

After the fall harvest, the corn palace is left for pigeons and squirrels to eat.


There are many Paul Bunyan statues around the world. What is special about the one in Bangor, Maine?

Bangor is alleged to be the birthplace of the legendary logger. According to the tales, Paul Bunyan could cut down more trees in a single swath of his ax than any contemporary logging firm could. The statue in Bangor depicts Paul proudly showing off his ax and scythe.


How tall is the Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor?

Bangor's Paul stands 31 feet tall.


Who did Edward Leedskalnin build the Coral Castle for?

Edward Leedskalnin built the Coral Castle near Miami, Florida, in tribute to his lost love, who had left him the day before the two were supposed to be married.


How many pieces of coral is the entry gate to the castle made from?

Leedskalnin carved the entire castle out of coral, without the assistance of any other person or machinery. He carved some 1,100 tons of coral to make the castle. The entry gate is made from a single nine-ton block.


Francis Johnson is famous for single-handedly winding the largest ball of twine. He rolled the twine every day between the years 1950 and ___?

Johnson spent four hours every day between 1950 and 1979 winding his ball of twine. To ensure the ball was wound uniformly, Johnson used a crane to hoist the ball once it grew. The ball is located in Darwin, Minnesota.


How long is the twine used in the ball of string rolled by Frank Stoeber?

Frank Stoeber rolled more than 1,300 miles of twine from 1953 until he died in 1974. His ball was smaller than Johnson's, but every year Cawker City, Kansas, home of the ball, has a festival during which people can add twine to the ball. Stoeber's ball now outweighs Johnson's, but it has had more than one person working on it.


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