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The current state of streaming television is throwing advertisers, analysts and consumers into a state of confusion -- how much do you know about this high-tech topic? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

When there are so many shows offered for free online, is there any reason to pay to watch a TV show on the Internet?

Generally, the major networks upload shows on their Web sites one day after they're on the air. And in some cases, the networks only keep the free shows online for a few weeks. However, if you want to catch up on every episode of that show you've been hearing so much about, you can pay to watch entire seasons on other streaming sites, like Hulu Plus.


What type of viewer is most likely to be content to watch shows for free?

The serious fan who isn't near a TV will need to pay to watch a show the same day it's on the air, and the new fan will probably have to pay to view an entire past season. Casual fans, however, may be happy with whatever is offered for free.


If you pay to watch TV shows online, the quality will be better than if you watch them for free.

Paying to watch TV shows usually allows you access to a wider variety of shows: It's about quantity, not quality.


For Netflix subscribers, which medium offers the widest selection of programs?

Netflix is running into roadblocks in its efforts to buy rights to streaming content. The company's Web site notes that a wider selection of programming is available on DVD.


Where can you watch major-league games online?

For nearly a decade, major sports leagues, such as the NFL, have offered exclusive broadband access to live games.


What's the biggest obstacle in measuring audiences for television shows online?

The Nielsen Company has placed meters on viewing devices for decades; the problem lies in measuring who has been exposed to advertising, since online programs can contain different ads from the same programs that run on television.


What type of viewer should use search engines to find shows?

Since most search engines will simply direct you to a TV network's Web site to watch a show, they're a great place for devout channel surfers who are looking for something new and interesting.


If you hate watching TV on your computer screen, online TV isn't for you.

Many TVs can be connected to your computer with a simple cable so you can watch on the big screen as opposed to on your computer screen.


What's the downside of free programming on network Web sites?

While many shows online contain limited commercials, the main downside is that networks only make them available for a few weeks. Thus, the show's Web site may not contain a full library of episodes.


Who would be a good candidate for purchasing Apple TV?

As of early 2011, Apple TV allows viewers to rent TV shows for up to 48 hours. That allows viewers to catch up on shows they just want to watch once without paying more to keep them forever.


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