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Getting your kids to study can be a difficult task to begin with, and getting them to continue studying once they start can be even harder. But there are a number of steps you can do to help encourage better study habits, starting with designing a study space that is suitable. Find out what types of things you can do to best encourage your children's study habits by taking this quiz.

Why should you involve your children when designing a kid-friendly study area?

The whole point of this project is to encourage your children to study. When they see that you are working to design a space that will help them, they will understand the value you place on it.


What aspect of designing their study area should you let your kids choose?

Allowing children to choose certain parts of their study area will give them a sense of ownership, but don't let their choices destroy the productivity of the space.


What is the ideal study area for a child?

Having a room that is designed for studying can provide a much more conducive environment for your children's schoolwork.


If you can't dedicate a special room for your child's study area, what is the next best solution?

No matter what, you want your child's study area to be free from distractions and dedicated to study and nothing else.


What should your child's study area face?

The idea of this is to do all you can to minimize the distractions from outside sources facing your child.


What part of the house should you keep your child's study area away from?

In addition to removing views that are distracting, you also should try to avoid areas of the house that have a lot of traffic. These, too, can be distracting.


What type of eating should you allow in your child's study area?

If you prohibit your child from eating in the study area, it stresses the true purpose of the space -- doing homework.


What is the most important aspect you should consider when choosing a desk for your child?

With lots of books, papers, notebooks and probably a computer, your child will need enough space to spread out and work comfortably. A second desk for the computer is a good idea, if you have the space for it.


What type of chair is best for your child's study space?

While you want a chair that will remain in a position in which your child can write, you don't need one that will be stiff and uncomfortable.


How can you help your child remember important school dates and homework that is due?

Many standard adult office supplies will be helpful to children, too. Simple corkboards and a good quality desk lamp will also help.


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