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The Ultimate Stuff Mom Never Told You Fan quiz is here! Think you're the biggest fan? Take this quiz and find out just how big of a fan you really are!

This professor is known as "the Godmother of Title IX."

From the episode "How has Title IX evolved?"


In addition to feeling tired, people who don't get enough sleep may also:

From the episode "Does a lack of sleep make you fat?"


The hosts of Stuff Mom Never Told You are:

Cristen and Molly are the hosts of Stuff Mom Never Told You.


The average cost of a wedding is ______ dollars.

From the episode "Is marriage a good investment?"


Which host of Stuff Mom Never Told You was homeschooled?

From the episode "Are single-sex classrooms more effective?"


The Girls Scouts organization was created by _______.

From the episode


Which of the hosts was a sorority member in college?

From the episode "How the Girl Scouts Work"


The Adelphian society -- the first secret society for women -- started in _____.

From the episode "Do sororities get a bad rap?"


How many women, on average, change their names after getting married?

From the episode "Why do women keep their maiden names?"


About ___ violent crime offenders in the United States are women.

From the episode "Is there a gender gap in crime?"


The psychologist named _____ believed that middle children have the easiest childhoods.

From the episode "Does birth order determine your personality?"


When the Olympics were revived in 1896, women were not allowed to participate.

From the episode "A Brief History of Women and the Olympics."


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