Quiz: The Stuff of Genius Fan Quiz
The Stuff of Genius Fan Quiz
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About This Quiz

Stuff of Genius fans, here's your chance to show how big of a fan you are! Take this quiz and test your memory of episodes from the Stuff of Genius podcast.

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Mikkel Frandsen took his family's uniform manufacturing company in a new direction by making:
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Aloysius Lilius's invention displaced Julius Caesar's version of:
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In 1977, the governor of Maine declared the first Saturday of every December "Chester Greenwood Day" in honor of the inventor of:
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Earle Dickson's invention was a response to his wife's mishaps in the kitchen. He invented:
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Solid-body electric guitar inventor Les Paul also invented:
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The invention of sliced bread was a sales boon for this invention:
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George Crum is known as the inventor of ______.
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Jacques Brandenberger invented cellophane while trying to make:
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Josephine Cochrane's grandfather invented the steamboat. She invented:
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Momofuku Ando's idea that "Peace will come to the world when the people have enough to eat" inspired him to create:
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Stephanie Kwolek, a polymer chemist, stumbled upon this invention while trying to develop flame-resistant fibers:
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His creation of dwarf wheat is credited with saving over 1 billion lives:
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Chaz Holder, inventor of the modern prosthetic limb, was once a:
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Nils Bohlin, inventor of the seatbelt, worked for what automotive company?
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