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Are you the ultimate Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast fan? Take this quiz and test you knowledge.

What is the name of Katie and Sarah's favorite forgotten holiday?

If Katie and Sarah could bring one holiday back to modern culture, it would be Saturnalia. Learn more in "What was Saturnalia?"


Henry Ford built a city in which South American country?

In 1928 Henry Ford built a city named Fordlandia in Brazil, with plans to create his own tires and other automobile components. Learn more in "Why did Henry Ford build a city in the Amazon?"


What was the real name of Emperor Norton I, the self-declared Emperor of the United States?

Before Emperor Norton I appointed himself Emperor of the United States in 1859, he was a businessman named Joshua Abraham Norton.


Who was known as "the Virgin Queen?"

Elizabeth I never married and was hailed as the Virgin Queen by her admirers. Learn more in "The Virgin Queen's Great Love."


Katie and Sarah first appear together in the episode named _______.

Katie and Sarah started their podcast partnership with "How the Sacco and Vanzetti Trial Worked". They discussed how the Italian-born anarchists didn't receive a fair trial because of their political views and foreign birth.


The only British sovereign to ever voluntarily resign the crown was ______.

Edward VIII voluntarily abdicated the throne in 1936. He did this so that he would be able to marry an American socialite named Wallis Simpson. Learn more in "Wallis Simpson and the Abdication Crisis."


In 1919, the streets of Boston were flooded with _______.

In 1919, a massive molasses spill in Boston killed 21 people and injured more than a hundred others when a storage container burst. Learn more in "How the Boston Molasses Flood Worked."


Which of the following historical figures did not build a castle?

Both Ludwig II, the "Mad King," and newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst built opulent castles. Learn more in "Mad King Ludwig Dines Alone" and "How the Hearst Castle Works."


Before Stuff You Missed in History Class had its current name, it was known as _______.

Before Stuff You Missed in History Class had its current name, it was known as Fact or Fiction.


John Billington is often called "America's First _______."

In addition to being an incredibly unpopular criminal, John Billington is also known as "America's First Murderer." Learn more in "Who was America's first murderer?"


According to historical myth, Roman Emperor Nero's favorite musical instrument was the ____.

According to a long-standing -- and incorrect -- historical rumor, Nero played a fiddle as Rome went down in flames. Learn more in "Did Nero really play the fiddle while Rome burned?"


Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer, is often called _______.

In addition to being the daughter of Lord Byron, Ada Lovelace was one of the earliest pioneers of computer programming. Learn more in "Who was the Enchantress of Numbers?"


The original hosts of Stuff You Missed In History Class were:

When Stuff You Missed in History Class began in 2008, it was hosted by Candace Keener and Josh Clark.


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