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Rev up your engines and get ready to go full throttle on the Ultimate Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Quiz. Whether you're a seasoned Sturgis vet or have only heard of it, this quiz will pound your brain.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (or simply Sturgis, as most people call it) began with a motorcycle race held in 1938 among what founding motorcycle club?

The Jackpine Gypsies were the club that held the first race on August 14, 1938 that eventually became the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


Sturgis is held each year in which state?

Sturgis is named after its host town of Sturgis, located in western South Dakota.


The Sturgis Rally has been held annually since that first race in 1938 except for two years during what larger event?

World War II led to two years of the Sturgis Rally being cancelled.


What nearly doubles each year during the week of the Sturgis rally?

The population of the entire state of South Dakota doubles as hundreds of thousands of attendees of Sturgis show up each year.


Which section of the rally serves as the site for major concerts?

The Bear Butte Zone has hosted bands like Credence Clearwater Revival, Poison, Joan Jett, Steppenwolf and Journey.


Rapper Lil John and rockers Molly Hatchet have both performed at what favorite Sturgis watering hole?

One can only imagine that the Full Throttle Saloon is the only place that can boast of hosting both Lil John and Molly Hatchet.


What is the estimated value of motorcycles stolen each year during the Sturgis Rally?

An average of $250,000 worth of bikes is stolen during the rally each year.


J.C. "Pappy" Hoel, who helped found the Sturgis Rally, owned a motorcycle shop that sold what brand of bikes?

Pappy Hoel owned an Indian Motorcycle dealership when he co-founded Sturgis.


What favorite event that's held annually at Sturgis is sponsored by American Motorcycle Dealers Magazine?

AMD sponsors the World Championship of Custom Bike Building, a favorite event among Sturgis attendees.


How long is the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Race?

The Sturgis Motorcycle Race honors the 1938 race that kicked it all off by maintaining a half-mile run, much like the original version.


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