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Do you know the truth about these well-worn fashion myths? Take our quiz and separate fact from fiction.

Style Myth: Sparkle is only for nighttime.

Style Fact: What a lot of hooey! Add a little bling with a few rhinestones on a tank top and wear it during the day. Tip: You might want to keep the sparkle to a minimum.


Style Myth: Brown shoes can be appropriate for evening.

Style Fact: You can wear a brown shoe in the evening, as long as it's not a really formal event.


Style Myth: You can wear leather and suede in the summer.

Style Fact: Sure you can! Just choose lighter weights and lighter colors. Try a leather skirt with a tank top, or a suede shirt with jeans and sandals.


Style Myth: An open-toed shoe is only for summer.

Style Fact: An open-toed shoe is great year-round, especially for evening. Try a metallic.


Style Myth: You can't wear white shoes after Labor Day.

Style Fact: Oh yes, you can. With a black pinstripe suit ... shut up!


Style Myths: Miniskirts are appropriate at any age.

Style Fact: Not really. Miniskirts are fine for teenagers, but in your 20s and beyond, lower that hemline.


Style Myth: You can't wear white to someone else's wedding.

Style Fact: You can't wear white to someone else's wedding. Steal the spotlight from the bride and you'll be the one with cake on your face.


Style Myth: The tie knot your father taught you is always appropriate.

Style Fact: Different collar, different knot. For example, a spread collar requires a big knot, and a pointed collar requires a smaller one.


Style Myth: Your tie should cover your belt buckle.

Style Fact: The tip of your tie should actually touch the top of your waistband. Anything longer, not so chic!


Style Myth: Your socks should always match your shoes.

Style Fact: Your socks should always match your trousers, unless you're wearing jeans - then they can match your shoes.


Style Myth: You can wear pantyhouse with open-toed shoes.

Style Fact: You can, but you'd better be wearing a seamless pair. And a reinforced toe - fughettaboutit!


Style Myth: Your shoes should always match your bag.

Style Fact: Not since the 1950s. Just make sure your bag and your shoes go with your outfit. Guys, the shoes should match the belt, but they don't have to match the bag.


Style Myth: You can't mix stripes with plaids.

Style Fact: Yes, you can! Just mix a bold stripe with a more subtle plaid, or a bold plaid with a subtle stripe.


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