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By: Olivia Cantor

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Image: Absinthologue/Ralf Roletschek/Public Domain via Wiki Commons

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Submarines are an interesting kind of invention. Originally serving a military kind of purpose, now there also exist some submarines built for civilian use.

No matter the purpose, submarines are very interesting vessels. Imagine being able to submerge yourself underwater for a very long time. To be able to invent a vessel that can maintain itself stable under the unknown depths of oceans and seas is such a fantastic feat. To have this vessel contain many kinds of equipment, hold different kinds of people, and also store various kinds of weapons for fighting are good enough reasons to keep building them!

That's why it is always fascinating to watch movies that have scenes taking place inside a submarine. It's also a reimagining of what we humans could still invent and reinvent as the decades pass. Perhaps it's also part of humankind's insatiable desire to explore unknown regions of the earth, the galaxy, or the universe, that we will keep inventing mechanisms and vehicles for such purposes. At least that was how the submarine came to be -- aside from its very obvious use in warfare.

But can you name these familiar pieces of equipment found in a submarine, though? Take this quiz, and test your deep knowledge!

Do you recognize this submarine equipment?

The periscope is probably the most recognizable submarine equipment ever. You use it to look at what’s happening outside.


How about this equipment?

The torpedo is usually carried by a submarine. This is the usual weapon associated with this vessel.


What about this equipment?

These are called diving planes. They’re useful to navigate the sub when it goes underwater.


And this submarine equipment?

This part is called the sail. It houses other equipment as well.


Can you identify this equipment?

This is called a rudder. It’s very useful equipment for navigating the sub.


Do you know this equipment?

The propeller has the same universal function anywhere on any vehicle. It’s supposed to push it forward when it moves.


What is this submarine equipment?

This is the submarine’s main ballast tank. There could be more than one in a sub.


Can you name this equipment?

The stern plane is useful equipment for actually controlling where the sub will go. It’s in charge of the course, in a way.


Do you know the name of this submarine equipment?

A deck gun looks like a huge machine gun. It has great firepower.


What’s the name of this equipment?

Sonar gear is very useful in a submarine. Sonar is actually an acronym which means Sound and Navigation Ranging.


Can you recognize this equipment?

Submarines also have fins. The ones in the front are called forward fins.


Could you tell what this submarine equipment is?

The aft is technically the back part of the submarine. So, the fins there are called aft fins.


Can you recognize this one?

Submarines are powered by many batteries. They’re in the battery bank somewhere inside.


How about this one?

The air conditioning plant is a necessary equipment system in a sub. Imagine if it’s hot in there!


What about this one?

This is called the radar mast. It co-exists with other mast equipment in its current spatial design.


And this one?

The entrance to the submarine is covered by the main access hatch door. It’s that one you see on top.


Can you identify this one?

A sub is also equipped with a radio antenna. It’s a necessary communications device.


Do you know this one?

The torpedo normally has a storage place. So, of course, it will also get ejected through its own torpedo tube.


What’s this one?

A bulkhead pertains to a partition in the hull. In the submarine’s case, it’s that wall and complicated door contraption you see there, designed to be very watertight.


Can you name this one?

This is the communications mast. It’s built side by side with the other masts atop the sail.


Can you tell the name of this one?

This is the main electric propulsion motor. It’s important equipment to make the submarine move.


What’s the name of this one?

The photonics mast is the more high-tech equivalent of the periscope. Military grade submarines have this instead.


Do you recognize this one?

A hydrophone is indeed the cousin of a microphone. Only this is the kind used under water.


Could you tell what this one is?

People inside a sub need headphones to listen closely to what they’re monitoring. So there are a lot of these there.


Can you recognize this?

A lot of listening takes place inside a submarine. Naturally, it is equipped with receiver-amplifiers.


How about this?

Supersonic gears are set up to listen to any kind of sound that’s not easily audible to the human ear. There are all types of sounds underwater!


What about this?

Subs have a snort induction mast on the sail. It’s not as nasty as it sounds, y’all!


And this?

Subs also need a snort exhaust mast to let out smoke. It’s next to the snort induction mast.


Can you guess what this is?

A propeller always needs to be attached to a propeller shaft. Or else, it will not work!


What is this submarine equipment called?

Inside the sub, there are also loudspeakers for people to hear things. A sub could really be huge, so this is no surprise.


What’s this?

A submarine has different kinds of tanks, and the compensating tank is one of them. These tanks are used to balance the buoyancy of the sub, thereby affecting how it weighs during certain moments, like when it goes underneath the waters at a greater depth.


Can you name this submarine equipment in the image?

The escape hatch is different from the main access hatch. It’s good to differentiate them when you’re inside.


What’s the name of this equipment in the image?

Negative tanks offer additional help to a submarine’s system when it comes to buoyancy. They are also called quick diving tanks.


Do you know this particular equipment?

Yup, a submarine also has an anchor. It has to dock sometime somewhere!


What do you think this is?

A submarine has to have intercom equipment. They’re needed so that people inside can talk to each other when working in different parts of the sub.


Just a few more! What about this one?

An Engine Order Telegraph has words that help to navigate the submarine. It’s actually a communication device.


You got this! What’s this one?

Would you believe that there’s a nuclear reactor inside a submarine? That’s because some subs are designed to be powered by nuclear energy.


And this submarine equipment is…

A submarine can also carry missiles. And yes, they get fired underwater, too.


Finally, what’s this particular submarine equipment?

All those buttons and dials! They’re part of the navigational control system, which is very important equipment inside a submarine.


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