Quiz: Submarines: Can You Name the Equipment From an Image?
Submarines: Can You Name the Equipment From an Image?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Absinthologue/Ralf Roletschek/Public Domain via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Submarines are an interesting kind of invention. Originally serving a military kind of purpose, now there also exist some submarines built for civilian use.

No matter the purpose, submarines are very interesting vessels. Imagine being able to submerge yourself underwater for a very long time. To be able to invent a vessel that can maintain itself stable under the unknown depths of oceans and seas is such a fantastic feat. To have this vessel contain many kinds of equipment, hold different kinds of people, and also store various kinds of weapons for fighting are good enough reasons to keep building them!

That's why it is always fascinating to watch movies that have scenes taking place inside a submarine. It's also a reimagining of what we humans could still invent and reinvent as the decades pass. Perhaps it's also part of humankind's insatiable desire to explore unknown regions of the earth, the galaxy, or the universe, that we will keep inventing mechanisms and vehicles for such purposes. At least that was how the submarine came to be -- aside from its very obvious use in warfare.

But can you name these familiar pieces of equipment found in a submarine, though? Take this quiz, and test your deep knowledge!

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