Can You Successfully Name These American Historical Figures?

By: Olivia C
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How's your knowledge of American history? If you're a full-grown adult reading this, then this should be a simple challenge for ya! Do you think you can beat a fifth grader if we ask you to identify these famous people in American history? 

Promise, this is not such a humdrum quiz! We don't do that here! We're after fun, and history should really be fun -- especially for those who like to travel around, see the country, experience historical events via historical monuments and landmarks and relive some of these interesting historical times. Ever dressed up in a cosplay situation with a historical figure attire? It's a hoot, trust us! Or you can try that for Halloween, why not?

History is not just about politics or government facts. It's also about facts and details on innovations in many fields. Whatever happened in the sciences, in the arts and in the entertainment world, they're also considered as history. 

So gear up and try to answer as many historical questions in this quiz as possible. Let's see how far you'll go. You can do this. Game!

Abraham Lincoln is probably one of the most recognizable US presidents. Yes, then and now! And ever!

Franklin Roosevelt is the unfortunate US president who had to usher in the country to join World War II. That was due to the Pearl Harbor attack.

John F. Kennedy's assassination still remains a huge mystery today. His legacy also lives on.

George Washington is an unforgettable US president. That's because he was the first!

One of the most famous footprints in history was made by Neil Armstrong. He left his on the moon!

Thomas Jefferson is an important Founding Father. The Declaration of Independence is one of his greatest contributions in US history.

Albert Einstein was actually born in Germany. He held a lot of citizenships in his lifetime, but spent his last decades as an American citizen.

Mark Twain is a novelist whose works remain controversial today. He authored "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," two important American novels.

Henry Ford helped propel the US towards a leading manufacturer of cars. His name and legacy lives on today in the auto brand that carries his name.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is an important figure of the Civil Rights Movement. His work and legacy live on up to this day.

Thomas Edison was one of the most prolific inventors in the US. He was also one of the most eager to apply for patents for his inventions and ideas.

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was a freemason? He was also such a very talented, artistic and skillful man outside politics.

The Brooklyn Dodgers respected baseball legend Jackie Robinson enough to get him to play professionally. This signaled his important contribution in ending racial segregation in professional sports.

John Glenn holds the distinction of being the very first American astronaut to orbit around the planet. He also became a senator later in life.

Sitting Bull is an important figure to know from the Native American Indian population. He upheld the rights of his people and tribe until his assassination.

Bob Dylan is a musician. But he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016, which garnered some controversy.

Ulysses S. Grant was the 18th US president. Before that, he was a prominent and skillful general during the Civil War.

Sojourner Truth is an important name in women's history. She was a former slave who advocated for the abolition of slavery, and put forth women's rights as well.

Andy Warhol's fusion of pop culture icons and high art produced a different kind of art form altogether. His works are a sight to behold in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Malcolm X was the outspoken leader assassinated in the '60s. He was a known human rights activist.

Orville and Wilbur Wright made history when they were able to make an airplane fly. They were the very first ones to do so.

Muhammad Ali made a name for himself in the world of boxing. But he also made a name for himself by being outspoken about many social issues, especially connected to the Vietnam War.

Eleanor Roosevelt was FDR's wife. But she was more than that, as she was the very first first lady to really be outspoken about political and social justice issues.

John D. Rockefeller was an oil industry giant. But he also focused on philanthropy, and now has a foundation named after him.

Tecumseh is a folk hero to many Native American tribes. His name translates to a heavenly body passing through the sky.

Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal go hand in hand when discussing history. That was really such a controversial time.

The New York Yankees are proud to have Babe Ruth in their roster of legends. He is also known as The Bambino.

It's easy to spot a Georgia O’Keeffe painting. She liked to paint huge flowers in her modernist style.

Elvis Presley is the undeniable King of Rock and Roll. You should visit Graceland if you're a fan!

Martha Washington is the wife of George Washington. But she was married to someone else before their marriage.

Frank Lloyd Wright is an important name in architecture. He pioneered many designs and schools of thought on designing, which are still being used today.

Louis Armstrong is an important name in the development of American Jazz. He hails from New Orleans, which also explains lots of things, music-wise.

Yep, Carnegie Hall in New York City is named after Andrew Carnegie. He is also known as one of the richest businesspersons in American history.

George Eastman's Kodak company contributed a lot to the development of world cinema. but it was first pivotal in the development and advancement of photography.

Meriwether Lewis was a military man ordered by US President Thomas Jefferson to map out an expedition of the US lands. His friend William Clark went along as well.

Steve Jobs was a controversial figure in the digital era. While he made great innovations, he also had some intriguing setbacks.

Susan B. Anthony is a name every woman should remember. She helped make voting for women happen!

Bill Gates is an important figure who helped propel the world into the digital age. He has a foundation that helps all over the world, too.

Alexander Hamilton is one interesting historical figure. No wonder the Broadway musical about him is highly successful.

Walt Disney had to endure hardships as a cartoonist before hitting it big. Theme parks wouldn't be the same if not for his contributions.

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