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These summer party decorating themes will prepare you for daylight saving time. Test your knowledge of summer party decorating themes by taking this quiz.

To add some scent to your evening party, what should you plant in your summer garden?

When the sun goes down, night-blooming jasmine releases its fragrance.


_________ are great finger foods for summer garden parties.

Your guests will love to sample your ribs and kabobs. Both are finger foods and easy to eat while standing and mingling with friends.


Before making a puppy party appearance, puppies should have current:

Puppies should be current on their shots before coming out to play.


To get that beach feeling, instead of conventional tablecloths use __________________ to decorate the tables .

Brightly colored terrycloth towels can be used instead of tablecloths. Polka dots and bold stripes can create a beach ambience.


When hosting a summer puppy party, make sure to have plenty of what cool beverage?

Not just your guests, but puppies also need to hydrate, especially in the summer. Keep several bowls filled with cool water available for the puppies.


What is the least desired job at a puppy party?

It's a dirty job, but someone will have to clean up after the puppies. Have some gloves on hand for puppy detail.


If your host has disposable cameras on the tables, does that mean guests get to take some home?

Disposable cameras found at parties are usually for picture taking during the party and then left for the host. Guests are encouraged to be the photographers at the party.


At a Polynesian-themed party, what kind of skirt may the buffet table wear?

A creative way to decorate for a Polynesian-themed party is with grass skirts. Raffia and grass skirts have different names but are the same thing.


For a Christmas-in-July-themed summer party, what will add Christmas ambiance?

Christmas music is a must for this summer party.


Where is the best location to fry a turkey?

Frying a turkey must be done outdoors. Make sure to follow the safety precautions for turkey frying.


What Wild West dish is prepared in a slow cooker?

A slow cooker is also known as a Crock-Pot, and is used to slowly cook foods such as baked beans.


To accessorize a Wild West party, what fabric is a good choice?

Red or blue kerchief fabric has a Western look.


If you don't have any water, is it appropriate to have an under-the-sea party?

It's your party, so you choose the theme. Even if you don't have a pool or ocean, you can decorate your party place as if you did. Use plenty of shells and sand to accent your party tables.


A treasure chest is a great idea for an under-the-sea party. What can you do with all the treasures?

Send the treasures home, with guests, as party favors. The host can supply the gifts or ask guests to fill the chest with gag gifts for the other guests.


A great game for a south of the border fiesta is the:

Breaking the piñata is a great game for adults and children.


What kind of music will get your guests in the south-of-the-border mood?

Mariachi music originated in Mexico and is often played at south-of-the-border restaurants.


Which movie is a classic baseball film?

Field of Dreams is a classic baseball film.


What traditional baseball stadium snack should you serve at your baseball-theme party?

Hot dogs and peanuts are traditional baseball stadium snacks.


At authentic Hawaiian luaus, what dish is roasted in a pit?

At an authentic Hawaiian luau, a whole pig is roasted in an underground pit.


For a Hawaiian-theme party, fresh fruit salad is just the right dish. When should you prepare the fruit salad?

Fresh fruit salad may test the best when prepared several hours before serving. Preparing ahead gives the fruit flavors time to incorporate.


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