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Summer's the time to break out the strappy sandals, tank tops and ultra-flirty sundresses. Take this quiz to find out whether you're a fierce fashionista or in need of an emergency couture crash course.

True or false: Pantyhose are required for professionals … even in the sweltering summer months.

In climates where the thermometer easily tops 90 degrees or higher before the workday even begins, it can seem unfair to subject poor legs to any extra discomfort. Although many companies have adopted more casual dress codes, it's wise to flip through your employee handbook before you sport bare legs at work. That would be one embarrassing write-up.


What type of bikini top can add a little extra oomph to a small chest?

Sure, a ton of padding might make your chest look big, but anyone who knows you will instantly realize the culprit of your sudden voluptuousness. Instead of going artificial, select a suit with pretty extras, like fringe or ruffles, which will give off the illusion of extra volume up top without looking fake.


You have a right to bare legs! What is the most flattering type of skirt for nearly every body type?

A-line skirts flatter almost every body type because they look stylish without being overly snug. Unlike fitted pencil skirts, the A-line variety camoflauges problem areas like the hips and thighs.


It's a summer staple! But do you know what a maxi dress really is?

All the rage right now, a maxi dress is typically lightweight and long in length -- but that's where the requirements end. Maxi dresses, perfect for a day spent shopping or a beach party, can come in virtually any color, fabric and cut. Be wise and try it on before making the purchase, however. Ill-fitting maxi dresses can quickly morph into unflattering tent-like frocks.


What type of jeans are best reserved for the summer months?

There's no reason for those of you in milder climates to ditch jeans altogether once summer has begun. In fact, white jeans are the ideal way to liven up those tanks you've worn a million times before. You might want to rethink the brightly colored cocktails when wearing them, though.


If you're wearing capri pants to make your legs look slimmer, where should the hem hit?

No doubt about it -- capri pants are the saving grace of women who hesitate to reveal their thighs, but still want to show a little bit of leg. All capris are not created for all body types, though. To achieve a slimming look, select a fairly fitted pair with a hemline that falls at the thinnest part of your legs.


For leave-in conditioners, what's the most important ingredient to combat frizzing due to summer humidity?

Nature's juice is the key component of any good leave-in conditioner. Simply put, hydrated hair is less likely to frizz. Make sure whatever brand you choose has plenty of H2O in it, and you should soon be sporting smooth, lustrous locks.


What type of summer shoes are believed by doctors to cause more foot pain than any other style?

Flip-flops not only allow your feet to roll inward even more than normal (called pronation), they also completely overwork your feet's tendons, resulting in all sorts of foot problems and pain.


True or false: Pedicures are totally cosmetic in nature and serve no real purpose.

Regular pedicures are a fantastic way to relax and ensure that your feet are clean, healthy and nice to look at. Obviously, major foot issues should be treated by a podiatrist, but a licensed technician can help you with your cuticle woes, cracked heels and unmanageable callouses.


What cosmetic should be a staple in your makeup routine during the summer months?

As a general rule, creamy anything should be avoided in the heat of the summer because it'll melt right off of your face. Instead, adjust your makeup ritual to include a lightweight primer that'll lengthen the lifespan of your entire look, from foundation to powder blush and eye shadow.


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