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Sun Tzu's highly regarded "The Art of War" has helped military commanders of all stripes guide their forces to victory for hundreds of years. How much do you know about the brilliant military tactics described in this ancient text?

If other forces are already battling, how should you join the fray?

Attack when those forces are exhausted from fighting each other.


If your enemy is uphill from your forces, how should you advance?

And if they come charging down the hill, don't try to oppose them.


When you finally decide to attack, how should you do it?

Strike like a "lightning bolt" and destroy your enemy.


If you outnumber your enemy 10 to 1, how should you approach their forces?

That way they cannot escape.


If your forces outnumber your enemy by 5 to 1, how should you approach?

Divide them and then conquer them.


As a rule of thumb, when is the best time to attack another force?

"Loot a house on fire;" take advantage of your enemy's disarray.


If your enemy outnumbers your forces, your field commanders should be sure to always maintain the capacity for what?

Run away, run away!


If the strength of your forces isn't favorable, what should you try first?

It's called "attacking with a borrowed knife," leveraging a third party to do what you cannot.


What should you use for every kind of warfare?

Spies gather knowledge that can help in every aspect of war - and peace.


You should capture the leader of your enemy's forces only under what condition?

Capture a beloved leader and his followers will get him back at any cost. Capture a leader who is already locked in an internal struggle for power, and you lose that advantage.


If you want to lull an enemy into a false sense of superiority, which is the most effective method?

If they think you're already hurting from previous battles, they'll be less inclined to take you seriously.


When preparing for a battle on the field, what should you always do?

That way your forces are fresh and ready to fight. Presumably this will also give them time to eat breakfast, but that's a slightly lower priority.


If all of your tactics fail, what should you do?

You will fight another day.


If you want to initiate discord within an enemy camp, what should you send their way?

The theory is that beautiful women will distract them and cause aggressive, competitive behavior in their ranks.


If your sworn enemy is superior to you in every way, what should you practice?

In other words, guerilla warfare may be your only option.


If a superior force is about to attack your stronghold, what should you do?

Ideally, your enemy will grow suspicious about the size of your hidden force; this may make them turn away or hesitate, buying you valuable time.


If your enemy is too strong to be attacked directly, what should you do instead?

Your enemy will pursue to protect his interests, wearing him down and making him more vulnerable.


How should you inflate your foe's confidence before battle?

Exaggerate or invent weakness and make your opponent overly confident.


If you see birds suddenly rising from the trees, what should you do?

Be alert for signs of your enemies.


This is a tough one: If you are chasing after a desperate and beaten foe, what should you do?

If you force your hand too far against a defeated foe, the situation could turn on you - much in the way a cornered animal is said to fight with the most ferocity.


On that note, when you need maximum effort from your soldiers, what should you do?

If they are faced with dire circumstances and death, they will fight to their maximum ability.


What is another excellent way to throw off your enemy before an attack?

If he thinks an attack is coming from one direction, he'll be less prepared on another front.


How should you create illusions that confuse your foe?

Create something from nothing; alternately, make nothing from something.


After your forces cross a river, what should they do?

And then wait for half of an enemy's forces to cross, then attack them.


In order to crush your enemy, you must feign what?

If your enemy senses chaos, he may underestimate you.


If you are fighting in varied and sometimes treacherous terrain, what should you do?

Then they'll be stuck fighting both you and the awful terrain.


If your enemy is holed up in a stronghold, what should you do?

Trick the tiger into leaving its lair and then chop off its head.


To lower an enemy's guard, how should you move about your forces?

Concealing your activities with everyday routines makes enemies complacent.


How can you bait your enemy into giving away his position or plans?

If you draw their attention with a strange display or irresistible bait, your enemies will reveal part of their plan by the way they react.


If you must retreat from a superior force, how should you slow them down?

If the enemy thinks you're leaving behind valuables and scrambling for your lives, they may slow their pursuit.


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