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So, you want to get some sun to add a little color to those pasty legs of yours, but thoughts of coming home as the human lobster are outweighing your desire to dose up on some natural vitamin D? Before heading out, test your knowledge about sunburns and suntans.

What type of ultraviolet light does NOT lead to sunburns or sun tans?

The sun's UVC radiation is filtered out by the atmosphere and never reaches us. UVA can lead to tanning of the skin, and UVB can cause sunburn.


What skin cells are activated by ultraviolet light?

Ultraviolet light stimulates melanocytes.


Melanocytes are skin cells that produce what?

Melanocytes make melanin, the skin's pigments. When melanocytes are activated, they produce more melanin -- thus darkening the skin.


Which color is NOT created by melanocyte pigments?

Melanocytes produce two different pigments: eumelanin (brown) and phaeomelanin (yellow and red).


Sunburn is actually a type of what?

Ultraviolet light causes cellular damage to the skin.


What causes the redness of sunburn?

Increased capillary blood flow is a response to the cellular damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet light.


In addition to sunburns and sun tans, what else can ultraviolet light exposure cause?

Ultraviolet light has a number of negative effects on the human body, including wrinkles and skin cancer.


What is NOT a function of sunscreen?

Sunscreens can absorb or block ultraviolet light.


The acronym that indicates the level of a sunscreen's effectiveness is what?

SPF stands for "sun protection factor," and is found on sunscreen labels.


Which type of ultraviolet light does SPF protect against?

SPF applies only to UVB radiation.


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