Quiz: The Ultimate Sunscreen Quiz
The Ultimate Sunscreen Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Most people know by now that you should always wear sunscreen. But do you use it correctly? Do you know what ingredients to look out for? Take our quiz and find out.

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Is an SPF 30 sunscreen twice as strong as one with an SPF of 15?
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What's the minimum SPF you should use?
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How long before you go out in the sun should you apply sunscreen?
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If you usually burn after 10 minutes of being out in the sun, how many minutes do you have using a 30 SPF?
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There's a product that can add sunscreen to clothes in the washer. What is it called?
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What are the two sunscreen ingredients that are safest for babies?
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What are some other ingredients you can keep an eye out for?
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You have a face powder with an SPF of 15. How much powder do you have to apply to get the advertised SPF?
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The Environmental Working Group studied 1,000 sunscreens in 2008. What percentage earned a passing grade?
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