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Yes, you probably already know who Superman's alter-ego is, but we bet you can't match every superhero with their ordinary-Joe personas! Test your knowledge of superhero secret identities in this quiz.

Clark Kent is the geeky newspaper reporter who moonlights as what superhero?

That was your freebie! Kent was, of course, the bespectacled nerd who turned into Superman.


Captain Marvel had the power of Zeus and the wisdom of Solomon, among other heroic powers. Who was his alter ego?

He loved to shout "Shazam!" Billy Batson was a radio news reporter and awfully similar to Clark Kent. No wonder there were claims of copyright infringement.


Judge Dredd enforced the law in an ultra-violent city of the future. Who was his alter ego?

The film was, well, dreadful. Sylvester Stallone played the role of Joe Dredd in 1995.


Who is the alter ego of Captain America?

Roger that! Steve Rogers went from ill to Ill (with a capital I!) when a serum transformed him into the magnificent Captain America.


Bruce Wayne is another famous alter ego for which superhero?

Yet another gimme. Maybe you know more about Batman and comic books than you thought?


Daredevil gets his power from weird radioactive material. Who is he before this happy accident?

His wicked red costume sends chills down the spines of gangsters. Matt Murdock is Daredevil.


Kit Walker doesn't actually have any superpowers when he goes into hero mode as which character?

Kind of a bummer to be a superpowerless hero. But The Phantom was awfully smart.


When superhero time comes, Peter Parker turns into which icon?

It's Spidey to the rescue! Parker sometimes got himself into sticky situations when he donned the Spiderman suit.


Who was Wonder Woman's everyday alter ego?

She was royalty, indeed. Princess Diana of Themyscira was a princess of the Amazon with amazing superpowers.


The Flash's superpower is that he is amazingly fast. Who is his alter ego?

It was another one of those lab-accidents-gone-wrong scenarios that turned Barry Allen into a human drag racer.


The Incredible Hulk was a mean, green fighting machine. In real life, who was he?

These comics were made during some banner years in the industry. Bruce Banner was an antisocial genius who went "hulk" on the bad guys.


When he gets mad, Wolverine's alter ego sprouts metal claws and starts slashing. Who's the man behind the mutant?

He often goes by Logan, but his real name is James Howlett.


Who was the newspaper publisher who turned into a masked vigilante called The Green Hornet?

His similarly masked partner, Kato, helped Britt Reid take on criminals -- while being branded as criminals themselves.


Oliver Queen is a wealthy man who dresses and acts like Robin Hood. What's his superhero name?

This concludes the "green" section of our quiz. Queen goes Green when he takes on the baddies.


When she's not deflecting bullets on a whim, the Invisible Woman is who?

Doctor Doom thinks she's just the greatest. But Susan Storm Richards uses her superpowers against the likes of him.


The current alter ego for Spawn is who?

Spawn is a shapeshifter and apparently his alter ego is, too. Jim Downing is the current name used for Spawn's alter ego.


T'Challa was his regular name. What was his superhero name? Here's a clue: He used military technology and magic to defeat his enemies.

He was also the first popular black superhero in American comics. The Black Panther also had a Ph.D and mastery in martial arts.


Kent Allard played the ordinary guy before transforming into which hero?

The Shadow knows! And now, so do you.


Iron Man, like so many of the men on this list, is a rich, powerful businessman who takes the law into his own hands. Who's his alter ego?

Sometimes he makes Bruce Wayne look like a wuss. Tony Stark is awash in money, which he uses to build the Iron Man machine.


Mr. Fantastic is probably the nerdiest hero around. Who is his alter ego?

Sometimes, you just can't stop nerding it up. Reed Richards is also a huge nerd.


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