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Sushi has moved from fringe cuisine to mainstream meal. How much do you know about these popular food items?

What does the word "sushi" mean when translated to English?

The first sushi was salted fish served in fermented rice, which had a sour flavor.

What is maki?

Maki means "rolled sushi" and is often made using a flexible bamboo mat called a makisu.

Why was fermented rice used in the first sushi dishes?

The rice prevented the fish from going bad; typically the rice was simply cast aside during a meal.

True or False: All sushi fish served in the U.S. has been frozen.

Freezing kills harmful parasites; it is illegal to serve raw fish in the U.S. unless it has been frozen.

To kill parasites, federal regulations indicate that raw fish should be frozen at -4 degrees Fahrenheit for how many days?

A week at -4 degrees F is sufficient to kill most parasites; colder temperatures do the job much faster.

How is nigiri sushi created?

The chef presses rice into mounds and then tops it with seafood or fish.

How much of the world's bluefin tuna catch is eaten in Japan?

Prices of bluefins rise each year as the population continues to nosedive due to overfishing.

What's the difference between sashimi and sushi?

Sashimi doe not contain rice; it is simply strips of raw fish.

What kind of fish is uni, which is often served in sushi dishes?

Uni is so popular in Japan that the country imports many of the animals from the United States.

What word refers to "fat" or "thick" sushi rolls?

These fat rolls have a large diameter of 2 inches or more; they are usually stuffed with vegetables and sometimes cooked fish.

How long is narezushi typically fermented before it is consumed?

This "matured sushi" is usually fermented for about six months; it has an overwhelming odor that drives away many would-be diners.

If served improperly, fugu (often served as sashimi) can kill people in what way?

Only master chefs can serve pufferfish (fugu) because several body parts are extremely toxic and can cause paralysis and suffocation.

Imitation crab meat is called what?

Surimi is often used in place of real crab meat, particularly in California rolls.

When was sushi first widely consumed in the United States?

Japanese cuisine was all the rage in the early 1900s but then waned in popularity as a wave of anti-Japanese sentiment took hold across the U.S.

What is nori?

Nori, or seaweed, is often used to keep rolled sushi in its familiar cylindrical form.

True or False: Most wasabi served in American restaurants is not real wasabi.

American wasabi is usually made from horseradish that's been dyed green; real wasabi is difficult to find and diners are sometimes charged extra for it.

Hamachi is what type of fish?

Yellowtail is also called the Japanese amberjack; it is native to the northwest Pacific Ocean and prized for its higher-than-average fat content.

If your sushi dish contains unagi, you're eating what?

Unagi is freshwater eel, which is reported to have a richer taste than saltwater eel.

In which type of sushi is the nori rolled inside the rice?

This style, called uramaki, was popularized by the California roll, which was created to hide the nori behind a layer of rice.

If you make sushi at home, you should let thawed fish sit in your fridge for what maximum length of time?

Once the fish has been sitting thawed for 24 hours, you may want to rethink how badly you want to eat it.

How is chirashizushi served?

The "scattered" sushi is too messy to eat by hand, so it is served in a bowl.

What is kani?

Crab is always served cooked; it is typically cooked and then frozen before being used for sushi.

A wooden mold is used to create which kind of sushi?

The hakozushi is pressed into blocks using a wooden mold; raw fish is never used in this particular style of sushi.

Why is otoro considered one of the best parts of a tuna?

The fatty underbelly is marbled, creating prized flavors that command ridiculously high prices.

What is an itamae?

An itamae is the person who creates your delicious meal of sushi.

True or False: Chicken is sometimes served as sashimi.

It is not common in the United States, but some people say raw chicken sashimi is a lot like raw tuna.

Why was wasabi originally paired with sushi?

Wasabi isn't the only natural antibacterial component of a sushi meal -- in addition to serving as a palate cleanser, pickled ginger also kills bacteria.

What kind of meat is gyusashi?

Raw beef is often on the menu in Japanese sushi restaurants; marbled Wagyu beef is especially desired.

Masago is the roe of which kind of fish?

Capelin, a type of smelt, is prized for its roe, which is frequently used in sushi dishes.

How should one eat nigiri?

If you use your fingers, you're less likely to destroy the rice mound that makes up much of the nigiri.

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